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The victims of the Suichang landslide in Zhejiang, Zhejiang, have risen to 3 people, and there are s-beef怎么读�

The victims of Suichang landslide in Zhejiang increased to 3 people, and 24 people were still lost. The original title of Shanghai channel, people’s website: the number of victims in Zhejiang Suichang Sucun landslide increased to 3. In September 29th, Zhejiang’s medical staff were waiting for rescuers trapped at the scene of the disaster. On the 28 day, under the influence of Typhoon "catfish", landslides occurred in Suu village, Suichang Town, Lishui County, Zhejiang Province, causing 20 houses to be buried, 26 to be lost, and 1 to die. China News Agency reporter He Jiangyong photo source: China news network around 17:28 September 28, 2016, Zhejiang Suichang County North Boundary Town Village village landslide, causing significant loss of personnel and property. As of 21:10 on September 29th, 3 of the 27 lost links had been searched, confirming no signs of life, and 24 were still missing. According to the current situation, the landslide Landslide is more than 40 million cubic meters, 20 houses are buried, and 17 houses are flooded. A total of more than 1460 people were transferred to the lower reaches, and 143 people were set up in a centralized way, and the victims were properly placed in time. 现场,党政军联合救援指挥组织高效有序运转,合理调度人力物力资源,3支队伍进入灾区进行生命探测,并在灾害点开辟避险通道。 The government and the community organized a total of more than 2770 people, all kinds of large machinery 20 units, 40 rescue vehicles, rescue work carried out in an orderly manner. At the same time, we should carry out emergency medical treatment, carry out traffic control on the roads in and out of the affected areas, strictly prohibit the unrelated personnel from the disaster relief to enter, and ensure the smooth passage of life. Ambulance personnel and vehicles are on call at the scene and are ready to treat the wounded. Zhejiang provincial medical emergency rescue team of 27 people overnight rush to the rescue of Suichang, launched the emergency plan of two Suichang county hospital, opened Easy Access. At present, 1 pregnant women in 10 wounded are receiving tele consultation. 1 male wounded have been discharged from hospital in the morning, and the rest 8 are mainly fracture and soft tissue contusion, and their vital signs are stable. In addition, in order to prevent the occurrence of secondary disasters, water conservancy departments to carry out the lake volume, capacity, dam height, water level and other estimates, at present a rough estimate of the capacity of 1 million Party, the 400 thousand party damming, dam 20 meters high, the outbound flow of 15 party seconds, when compared to the highest level has dropped 1.3 meters. The lake road excavation in an orderly manner, and gradually carry out drainage operation. It is reported that the next step, Su Village Landslide rescue headquarters will continue to adhere to the life first, go all out to rescue personnel lost contact; to do post disaster epidemic prevention and control, to prevent the occurrence of secondary disasters; make every effort to treat the wounded, the resettlement of the affected people and other related work, with good disaster investigation. At the same time, the geological hazard in this county is thoroughly investigated, and the control of group monitoring and hidden danger is done in time. (reporter Shao Yanfei trainee reporter Xi Jinyan (Li Qianqian): Yan Xuan far, commissioning editor called strong) 浙江遂昌山体滑坡遇难者上升至3人 仍有24人失联–上海频道–人民网 原标题:浙江遂昌苏村山体滑坡遇难人数上升至3人 9月29日,浙江的医护人员在受灾现场等待救援被困者。28日,受台风“鲇鱼”影响,浙江省丽水市遂昌县北界镇苏村发生山体滑坡,导致20户房屋被埋,26人失联,1人遇难。中新社记者 何蒋勇 摄 来源:中国新闻网 2016年9月28日17时28分左右,浙江省遂昌县北界镇苏村村发生山体滑坡,造成重大人员和财产损失。截至9月29日21时10分,27名失联人员中已搜救出3人,确认无生命迹象,仍有24人失联。 据目前掌握情况,此次山体滑坡塌方量40余万立方米,20户房屋被埋,17户房屋进水。共转移下游群众1460余人,集中安置143人,受灾群众得到及时妥善安置。 现场,党政军联合救援指挥组织高效有序运转,合理调度人力物力资源,3支队伍进入灾区进行生命探测,并在灾害点开辟避险通道。党政军及社会各界共组织2770余人,大型机械20台,各类救援车辆40辆,搜救工作紧张有序进行。 同时,全力开展应急医疗救治,对进出灾区道路实行交通管制,严禁救灾无关人员入内,确保生命通道畅通。救护人员及车辆在现场待命,随时准备救治伤员。浙江省级医疗应急救援队27人连夜驰援遂昌,遂昌两家县级医院启动应急预案,开辟绿色通道。目前,10名伤员中有1名孕妇正在接受远程会诊,1名男性伤员已于上午康复出院,其余8人主要伤势为骨折和软组织挫伤,生命体征稳定。 此外,为全力防止次生灾害发生,水利部门全力开展堰塞湖方量、库容、坝高、上下游水位差等测算,目前粗估库容100万方,堰塞体40万方,坝高20米,出库流量15方 秒,水位较最高时已下降1.3米。堰塞湖道路开挖有序进行,逐步开展放水排险作业。 据悉,下一步,苏村山体滑坡抢险救援指挥部将继续坚持生命第一,全力以赴搜救失联人员;全力做好灾后疫情防控,防止次生灾害发生;全力做好伤员救治、受灾群众安置等相关工作,配合做好灾害调查。同时,对该县的地质灾害隐患点进行全面排查,及时做好群测群防和隐患整治工作。(记者 邵燕飞 奚金燕 见习记者 李倩倩) (责编:严远、轩召强)相关的主题文章: