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Hebei Baiyangdian is a few kilometers sticky net cleaning dead birds with more than 1000 shocking ne jcuv是什么车

Hebei Baiyangdian is a few kilometers sticky net cleaning bird corpse out – shocking thousand Beijing newspaper news (reporter Wang Yang) October 27th, the animal protection organization of volunteers to the newspaper, a dozen Chinese rare birds, known as the "bird Panda" heudei was found dead in the city of Baoding in Baiyangdian stick sticky net online, there are thousands of meters of. Yesterday, the Baoding forest police launched an attack to clear the net action, the removal of sticky network at the same time, from the source to combat acts of destruction of ecological environment. October 27th, the animal protection organization to allow migratory birds volunteer Zhang Zhang reflect, the day of the organization volunteers in Baoding, Baiyangdian Hot Springs area, found a large number of sticky web. These sticky net distribution in paddy field or Outang surrounding, almost without stop. Sticky net about two meters high, and next to the height of the reeds almost. The mesh is very small, very fine lines, let alone the birds, is approached are hard to find. Not far from the stick can be found in every online, all kinds of birds were trapped, most dead even became a mummy, only a few are still unable to struggle. In a lotus pond, volunteers also found two to snare the birds’ coot chicken "plastic model. The same day, let birds fly the animal protection organization volunteers to find the rain stick network for demolition, rescue trapped at the top of the birds. According to statistics, the day a total of volunteers from the sticky web cleaning all kinds of birds more than 1 thousand corpses, including the east corner?, Siberian Rubythroat nearly 20 species. There are more than ten dead bird, the Beijing Raptor Rescue Center for identification of rare birds heudei. Heudei known as "bird Panda", China’s endemic birds, has been included in the International Bird Redbook, global endangered birds. "Unfortunately, the sticky online found more than and 10 heudei were dead. Heudei are generally only more than and 10 clusters of life, this group may have died. Unfortunately, this is the first time in Baoding found heudei." Ms. Zhang felt sorry to say. After receiving the report of the animal protection organization volunteers, Baoding wetland office, Forest Public Security Bureau and other departments attach great importance to yesterday launched a clear network action". According to the Baoding Municipal Public Security Bureau fan captain introduced, after the scene investigation, animal protection organizations reflect the situation is basically true. These sticky webs may be used by farmers to prevent birds from eating crops, but the actual consequences, has become a tool to kill birds. Because the incident is located in Baoding, Xiongxian, Rongcheng city of new three border counties, the Bureau convened three county government and relevant departments responsible person, to form a joint law enforcement team, carpet investigation area is stuck in the net, found an immediate demolition. At the same time, hunt for violations of set net birds and bird traders, the offenders shall be the maximum punishment. Serious cases of criminal responsibility shall be held at the same time to be publicly exposed, deter such criminal acts. Coordinate with the market supervision and Administration Bureau and other departments to crack down on the manufacture and sale of sticky web and manage it from the source. Welcome the general public to actively report the illegal acts of killing birds, forest public security departments will be investigated quickly and decisively.相关的主题文章: