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Zhengzhou the baby is cruel abandoned grass was found already cold 乃々果花

Zhengzhou: the baby is cruel abandoned grass was found already cold baby boy abandoned the scene – reporter Wang Yuesheng Ventura yesterday morning, there are people in the Central Plains of Zhengzhou and the West Fourth Ring Road near a barren found in an abandoned, was abandoned is cold, thanks to the 120 emergency personnel rushed to the abandoned hold the ambulance in the open air heating. Subsequently, the man abandoned by the police rushed to the Zhengzhou city children’s welfare, and transferred to the hospital by the hospital. At 7 yesterday morning, Zhengzhou 153 hospital emergency staff received 120 emergency command center, said to be found in an abandoned in Zhengzhou Zhongyuan Road and west near the city of victoria. Subsequently, the hospital emergency personnel rushed to the scene found that the infant was a thin blanket wrapped in a shabby sofa in the roadside weeds. Abandoned beside a plastic bag, there are only a few pieces of diapers and a bottle, in addition to any other items, there is no note or contact information. Emergency personnel, the infant is a more than and 50 year old man was found, the man found abandoned after respectively dialed 110 and 120, "may be the cold weather, we arrived to find the children cold, estimated to have been abandoned for several hours." "If the weather gets colder, the child may be at risk." Emergency personnel rushed the baby to the emergency car, opened the car air conditioning, give the child to keep warm, "after a preliminary examination, the baby is estimated to be a few months old, the face did not find what’s wrong with the children, but because of fear of cold, before the child is a boy or a girl, don’t open the blanket at whether the women have other problems." Onlookers said There were many discussions. The parents of the children, this is really too cruel. Subsequently, the Zhengzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau police station rushed to the water, the abandoned him, and sent to the Zhengzhou city children’s welfare institute. Yesterday afternoon, Zhengzhou city children’s Welfare Institute staff, the baby was sent to the hospital, found that the situation is not too good, need to go to the hospital for observation and treatment, then transferred to the Central Hospital of Zhengzhou city. According to the Zhengzhou central hospital emergency department staff, the baby is a boy, was sent to the hospital after being transferred to the ward, is currently being observed.相关的主题文章: