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1956 the Yellow River immigrants the loss of Eden carmex润唇膏

1956 the Yellow River immigrants: Eden lost [Abstract] like the temptation of the old land evocation of its inhabitants. For them, it is the mother, the fathers, the hometown, they dream of eden. Call them inexorably hangs on. an array of ancestors, they want to go back there…… In 1956, there was a mass migration Chinese history, more than 280 thousand Shaanxi farmers left the land for generations have gathered information, transfer of foreign land…… 38 years later, the population of natural reproduction, immigrants in Shaanxi reservoir area of Sanmenxia to more than 450 thousand people, some of them return to their homes, but the hometown has non old appearance; much of them, still in the original migration of Weibei plateau gully region. History is quite heavy. It creates a continuation of 38 years of tragedy, a misfortune and suffering of hundreds of thousands of people. At the beginning of 1994 cold winter, cold dream driving thousands of miles, contact the created by a history of the lustrous and dazzling special poverty groups: Shaanxi immigrant tribes, and wrote a long report of literary works "the Yellow River immigrants". They can not forget that the construction of Sanmenxia is the root cause of their departure from the fertile plains of the Yellow River plain in the Guanzhong Plain, to the west coast of the Yellow River, which is the same as the Ningxia desert. Cold dream excerpt from "the Yellow River" second chapter "immigrants of Eden" lost "sage, Huang Heqing", this is China folk popular a folk song. It can be said that in many old dream of the Chinese nation, the Yellow River water governance is a continuation of thousands of years of the oldest dream. In October 20, 1952, after the birth of the Republic of the Yellow River in three years and one month, a man standing in the territory of Lankao County in Henan Province on the levee, looked at the surging the Yellow River Zhuolang emptying water, said later this China affect the second river, the mother river of the Chinese nation, the fate of the Yellow River a word: be sure to put things in the Yellow River run. But in the early Republic of China on the eve of the birth of the great man, a great man with the other to take a large boat to the Yellow River, facing the great river sigh: do you despise anyone can, but can not defy the Yellow River. Contempt for the Yellow River, contempt for our nation. Ambitious Mao Zedong has very complex feelings of the Yellow River 9. Standing beside him, Zhou Enlai clearly understood, he nodded dignified wise head. Thus, in the early days of the birth of the Republic, the first generation leaders of the young republic will put the Yellow River’s great dream into reality. Sanmenxia area of the original July 18, 1955, Zhongnanhai Huairen. More than one thousand representatives of the people listened to Vice Premier Teng Tzuhui made the "comprehensive planning of the Yellow River flood and radical the Yellow River water conservancy development report", the Deputy Prime Minister Teng Tzuhui solemnly announced to the world and China: "as long as six years after the Sanmenxia reservoir is completed, you can see the lower reaches of the Yellow River River basically cleared. We present Fellow Deputies and the people, not how long you can see thousands of years people’s dream of the day — see "Huang Heqing in the lower reaches of the Yellow River." Teng Tzuhui voice just fell, Huairen hall issued tsunami applause. A session of the two National People’s Congress unanimously adopted the lift arm forest, this report. Each.相关的主题文章: