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Cold Zhong Hanliang Ma Tianyu Sun Yi for ten years of dreams appointment – Entertainment Sohu coreldraw快捷键大全

"Cold" Zhong Hanliang Ma Tianyu Sun Yi for ten years of dreams appointment – Sohu   entertainment; Zhong Hanliang, Ma Tianyu starred in "cold, we can not be sad" produced by CI Wen media’s Shanghai film production and distribution according to the honey Amoy, and ten years of popular classic adaptation, Chinese first deep warm injury as "emotional abuse can we not sad cold" on the day before the formal official announced the first round lineup: the strength of God Zhong Hanliang, Ma Tianyu Sun Yi, a popular idol texture, the popularity of small flowers was born in dim, thermal rookie Meng Ziyi, deep in about ten years. Fine luxury lineup escort star IP, youth totem, text warm injury Pactrometer delay screen. Zhong Hanliang led the practice of about ten years, Ma Tianyu Sun Yiyuan of "bean" as a youth dream of countless people in the memory of youth spirit totem, "cold, we can not be sad" from start at the beginning of a warm response, thousands of senior fans about specific Cheng Tianyou and affectionate melancholy cold cold casting have been hot discussion reduction. As a romantic novel male gods circle template level figures, known as the love of Cheng Tianyou has been a stubborn dimension cannot achieve fans across the God class character, but Zhong Hanliang confirmed in, is undoubtedly to the majority of fans fans reassured. Whether Zhong Hanliang is handsome in appearance and a degree of relaxation, delicate and smooth acting, are called "under God" interpretation of the most perfect choice. Deep love good interpretation of the role of Zhong Hanliang, this will be the first time the dedication of overbearing unruly solid acting, so has the freshness of the show is "cold, we can one aspect not sad" wonderful story. Which is known as the snow prince, "said the cold, the same chilly temperament of Ma Tianyu as the dust, the show announced the launch at the beginning, Ma Tianyu is in a bad cold for the highest voice actor, producer, film honey Amoy also said before, whether it is color value or temperament, Ma Tianyu is the best choice for highly cold. And give" he is cold ". This is Ma Tianyu in the role of cold touched, determined to star, is a circle of fans and fans wish. Cold as many memories of youth beautiful and vague impression label, because of Ma Tianyu’s interpretation and suddenly clear up. In addition, Sun Yi starred in the popular flower stubborn and persistent heroine Jiang Sheng, will be staged twists and a lingering love road in the play. Jiang Sheng’s love of the heart of the firm, the love and loved by the dedication, no doubt will shake the hearts of people. The popularity of small dim star was born in paranoid awkward and appealing way from grace of duality to stimulate deep acting, high value niche figure Yan costume in a modern drama. The topic of the new challenge for Meng Ziyi, feeling confused weiyang. Multiple roles, dazzling cast, this will be for about ten years, has both strength and popularity of the squad and the icing on the cake. Junjie Liu Potter drama post command, deep content of reality and feelings of "seamless cold, we can not be sad" is a drama after Junjie Liu and Zhong Hanliang working together again after a lapse of two years, two people have to cooperate again with very high vision, and the percentage of heart perfusion. Junjie Liu, director of the year before the initiative will be actively involved in the creation of the script.相关的主题文章: