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The 37 year old maternal height is only 1 meters 53 under 10.2 pounds of big labor 霍金hawking

The 37 year old mother only 1 meters tall, 53 gave birth to 10.2 pounds of "big man" on the left is the birth of more than 10 pounds of baby 15 October 27th 02, a mother in Jiaxing in Pinghu City Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine under a 10.2 pounds of "big" baby girl. My mother is only 1 meters 53, 10 pounds more than the baby birth mother from Jiangsu Taixing, 37 years old this year, is not big, only 1 meters 53, prenatal weight more than and 140 kg. Prenatal examination is expected to be relatively large children, 8, the appearance of 9 pounds, but did not expect more than 10 pounds." City hospital obstetrics director Nie Qingying said, because the maternal itself is in good condition, is the maternal birth canal, is very suitable for birth, relaxation, so decided to let her try birth. The process is very smooth, from the mouth to the child was born only spent about 1 hours. It is understood that the 10.2 pound baby after birth, but also broke the traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital of Pinghu city in recent years the birth records. Over the past 2 years, the hospital was born in a total of more than 10 pounds of infants, and the other 3 are caesarean section of the. The baby is not the more the better macrosomia harm a big fat girl, the family is very happy, but the doctor was not happy. More than 8 pounds belong to a huge child, the giant child in the management of pregnant women was set to high risk factors, maternal and infant have great harm, from 6 to 7 pounds is the best birth weight. 6 to 7 pounds of baby’s own development is more mature, maternal production is also more effort; on the contrary, the huge child not only to increase the risk of maternal production, the probability of the occurrence of various complications of the baby itself will be higher. Macrosomia may cause soft birth canal injury, uterus, uterine atony of pregnant women, the risk of postpartum hemorrhage increased; or the formation of urinary fistula; surgical delivery probability and also increase the risk of infection. The fetus can increase fracture, intracranial hemorrhage, shoulder dystocia, asphyxia risk; many studies have shown that the incidence of macrosomia after growing up, such as diabetes, high blood lipid metabolism and cardiovascular disease disease rate was significantly higher than that of normal children. So, in order to maternal and child health, medicine refused to huge children. Pregnancy control to avoid the fetus is too large to be learned, since January 2015, the hospital has been born in the city of 115 huge children, accounting for 8.68% of the total, born in the month of the child, this ratio is reached more than 12%. The main cause of macrosomia is maternal excess nutrition, lack of activity and prolonged pregnancy." Nie Qingying suggested that the pregnancy should follow the doctor guidance, reasonable nutrition, reduce high calorie, high fat, high sugar foods intake, grow their own weight and fetal weight should also be uniform; regular production inspection, closely monitoring the fetal growth and development process, when the fetal growth is too fast, like doctor, reasonable adjust the diet. In addition, to actively treat diabetes, prevent premature pregnancy.相关的主题文章: