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Dongyu Zhou to play with the temptation of uniforms First win over Xun Zhou, Brigitte Lin! (video) 法拉利599gto

Dongyu Zhou to play with the temptation of uniforms? First win over Xun Zhou, Brigitte Lin! Dongyu Zhou has always been a small fresh fan, turned handsome! The recent hit TV series "sparrow", she changed the past innocent routes, plays a important role in female spy, Chi Li Yifeng. For the first time we challenge this complex character, do not say anything else, in the other, Dongyu Zhou had already won half. We had the temperament of her daughter of a humble family, tie, pedal boots, the original can be so aggressively. Although we face childish has not completely dissipated, but eyes has been cold goddess fan children. A uniform in her body is quite fit, although the body is small, but contains infinite power. You but this is not the first time Dongyu Zhou put on a military uniform, as early as in Virgo "under the Hawthorn Tree", she had tried other uniforms, but was still young female students wearing a uniform appearance, just danced. So in addition to Dongyu Zhou, many actors in the play recently tried to wear uniforms. "The pretender" in Wang Ou, who plays the female spy chief, a tunic uniform neater and professional. So how to wear a dress and elegant flower and suction eye Zhuangshan into uniform straight profile of red carpet minefield on her don’t have another charm. We always the goddess Brigitte Lin, as early as 1981 in the movie "Chinese female" in a military uniform, stunning debut. We even dressed in uniforms, wearing helmets, can still smile. You are unique, shining through valiant and heroic in bearing, unwavering eyes. So five years later, she again took to appear on the screen, is not the pressing youth female, but the Warlord’s daughter. You Feng Kami Toshiro, Xiu runtiancheng, keep the man, with patriotism. We laugh could not conceal the brow of British gas, a gas man like nature itself. So Anita Mui in the movie "Kawashima Yoshico" in a military uniform, hard eyed, expressionless. So the life to be remembered, and the role in the interpretation of Mui, came alive from the screen. So her eyes fierce, blooming enchanting extremely cruel and merciless, cruel. You and the night, she was still dressed in military uniforms, but conceal the weary. So now he’s dead, had the classic screen image is always fresh, the military uniform of the Mui, it is difficult for someone to go beyond fear. You are not old goddess Faye Yu, the "father of the identity", put down the intellectual star fan children, sinister female spy. So the gentle amber eyes, is now full of hatred and haggard. You don’t smoke from the hand, always thought, a more uniform contributed to her majesty. Come in behind her, always listens to her thousands upon thousands of horses and soldiers. So this dark and complex character with the fear is the only woman to do after years of precipitation. Zixia Athena Chu also challenged the fairy war drama, "daily hero", her first green plays the female hero. We are playful and beautiful she carefully folded, only belong to the military trial and stubborn. Black and white photos, like really live in the age of female officers in the flames of war. Movies: "wind" of the audience gave the two goddesses uniforms photos: Xun Zhou and Li Bingbing. So Xun Zhou was in "Balzac and the little tailor" tried other red guards,?相关的主题文章: