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China iPhone rare cheaper than the U.S. foreign media is not calm 申威1600

China iPhone rare than the United States cheaper foreign media not calm iPhone again after a week, the new generation of apple iPhone will meet with users, but analysts are currently for this new product sales expectations and less optimistic, especially in the Chinese Apple rely heavily on the market, the performance of iPhone has appeared tired. The Wall Street journal recently reported that in the Chinese market is crucial to apple, operators have begun to promote sales through a substantial discount. The China Telecom has started to 4288 yuan ($642) price to sell the 16G version of iPhone 6S alone. In the United States, the mobile phone of the bare metal price of $649. Reported that the iPhone in China, the price is lower than the situation in the United States is very rare, because import tariffs and value-added tax will raise the price of iPhone in the Chinese market. At the same time, apple is asking suppliers to cut prices to maintain profit margins, in recent months, Apple has asked suppliers they cut the next generation of iPhone parts of the price cut at the same time, orders expected, this may make some of the suppliers in the second half of the profits.相关的主题文章: