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On the semi annual report of four categories, more than 180 inquiries focused by Sina Finance inquiries into the focus of App: Live on-line blogger on a guiding team you make you take will always let you falls Shanghai Bannianbao four categories, more than 180 inquiries focus was included in the focus of inquiry Sina Financial News October 14th news you, this year the Shanghai Stock Exchange semi annual report afterwards regulatory inquiry is clearly intensifying, the Shanghai Stock Exchange today said at a press conference, regulatory inquiries focused mainly on the four types of companies. One has appeared many times in violation of information disclosure, and not significantly improved the company; two is listed on the performance of face, operating results were significantly different from the same industry trend of the company; three is the existence of improper use of accounting whitewash financial reporting, cover a substantial decline in operating results of companies suspected; four is the pre existence of mergers and acquisitions "overvalued the value of high commitment of the company. Inquiring into the focus of company a total of more than 180, the Shanghai Stock Exchange Company regulatory authorities have issued one of the more than 30 companies after the regulatory inquiry letter to ask all kinds of questions, a total of more than 600, and all publicly. The Shanghai Stock Exchange said, semi annual report after regulatory inquiry found that the main part of the semi annual report company involves five aspects: one is the operating situation and trends in the industry do not match. For example, companies belonging to the overcapacity industry, in the context of structural reforms in the supply side, a large number of new capital expenditures, increase investment in fixed assets and construction. Two is the business income and cash flow does not match. Some of the company’s revenue and profits continued to grow, but the net cash flow from operating activities continued to be negative, the rapid growth of accounts receivable, the possibility of bad debts are also increasing. There are companies, change the sales policy, give customers a longer payment period, there is a big future back pressure. Three is the same business performance does not match. Semi annual report shows that some of the company’s overseas business is located in the territory of the main customers, but there is no significant increase in the cost of shipping and other related businesses, while the gross margin has not changed significantly. There are also individual main business income from overseas listed companies in home appliances, brand recognition is not high, the main overseas customer facing bankruptcy, strike and other issues of the case, the gross margin is still higher than the domestic business. Four is not matched before and after the performance trend. After the inquiry, still found some newly listed firms have a substantial decline in performance, and even the emergence of turning point of change. For example, semi annual individual listed companies disclosed for the first time, according to operating income and net profit showed different degrees of decline, but the prospectus shows listed in the first three years of operating income has been increasing, the performance change trend and in the same area of Listed Companies in the same industry is not the same, should pay special attention to. Five is the use of funds and business activities do not match. Large amounts of non operating capital transactions have occurred during the period of the company and the controlling shareholder, allegedly during large NBRE; a company operating income is zero, almost no business activities under the condition of large prepayments. The Shanghai Stock Exchange said that they deal with compliance with accounting, and strengthen the income, cost sharing, on相关的主题文章: