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6 inches! Charm Blue Max or grab in front of the surface flagship release – Sohu digital 捷安特xtc750

6 inches! Charm Blue Max or grab on the surface before the release of the flagship Sohu digital mobile phone China [news] this year, Meizu moves strange, first grab in the first half of the year released high-end flagship PRO 6 (PRO 5 in September last year), and then in the case of Metal did not update directly to Charm Blue E instead, recently it is not a concert on the last line of the charm blue U10 and U20. Just as we wait for a rumor in the face of rumors Meizu Exynos 8890 curved screen when the real flagship, Meizu’s Charm Blue department and new exposure, named Charm Blue Max. According to friends broke the news, Charm Blue Max using 6 inches giant screen, will be released in September 5th. Look at the name and screen size, Charm Blue Max is obviously the big screen as a main push highlights, direct competition with the various Max on the market, priced at 1499 yuan. However, in view of the problems between Meizu with Qualcomm no results, this year and close to MediaTek, Charm Blue Max processors may also is Helio, compared to a Max meters down under the wind. Of course, the model has always been the high value of Meizu, charm blue series is no exception, Charm Blue Max in this area should have the advantage. In addition to the true flagship Meizu spy Charm Blue Max, who broke the news also mentioned "kerosene" waiting for the true flagship, which is expected to be released in September 13th, it is to say the same before printing. Say, next month is really fierce, HUAWEI, SONY, apple, especially Nubia, will release new products in September, now Meizu also join the fray, really is a not to be missed.相关的主题文章: