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Alert foreign hunters ten blog market outlook headache怎么读�

Alert to foreign hunters ten big market outlook: Sina Finance blog App live on-line blogger to listen to expert guidance on forest stock selection Jiepan Niugu tournament Sina Financial News Tuesday morning, the two cities opened slightly higher, after the opening of the stock index to maintain a narrow range trend, intraday gem rose nearly 1%, followed by 2200 points to start tug of war. Afternoon, the overall trend of the three major stock index fell sharply, the main board turnover and compared to the recent decline in the gem is enlarged. Oil hutch collective pulled up late. The disk, the PPP plate today yesterday active performance in the doldrums, floor sentiment can shrink again. His brother: highly vigilant foreign hunters continued the recent trend of the market all day long pattern within a narrow range, the market is not hot all day long, green stocks played a trading market, the index trend is tangled in a test of patience and confidence of investors, trading volume continued to slump this shows that investors wait-and-see. Fewer participants. Johnson: ending the war will be a big move anyway, tomorrow there will be some big ending war action, to mining technology stocks Buzhang. Empty void: Wednesday to meet rebound so, has opened a 3085 point high + early flushing action tomorrow, then rebounded probability is big. Zhong Chengcong: on Wednesday to win 3080 points for the future trend, I think the first to take the next 3080 points is good, because this will be able to attack the market outlook of the 3100 points, that is, slowly climb up! This is a prelude to indestructible: the ups and downs of the market index, the final choice to sideways, maybe tomorrow or the day after. Market volatility upward, pay close attention to buy the same layout, holding up to remain unchanged. Yang Delong: market shrinkage shock brewing up because now the bottom of the market focus on the continuous shift variable, this is an indisputable fact, so I think the probability of future trends or a little more. Li Hai: do not panic and so on the direction of the breakthrough so that the subject shares fluctuate greatly, while bank stocks stable. For example, yesterday asked the Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, I said, holding. This is because our stock transfer positions convertible, change over, because the bank is relatively stable, so we can improve the position. Ding Dawei: everything is the lack of a line with the amount of the good news is that yesterday led the Shenzhen small record market stand on the 5 line, Shanghai today also follow station on line 5. Now everything is in place, the lack of a root with the volume of the line. Old music: pupil direction choice more and more near if Wednesday solid line of small, it can still try to give a little, but heavily loaded signal requirements here must be given in line to confirm. Not in advance, not predicted in this position is not only bullish, bearish signal itself. Chang Changting: "the background of asset shortage under the most need to buy stocks of goods to swallow" asset shortage ", to buy high-quality stocks Tun, is perhaps the biggest asset varieties of our people have the lowest threshold appreciation potential. (Jiangshan) Click to view more Bowen every day: the stock market will usher in a more gorgeous turn相关的主题文章: