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G20 Hangzhou summit autumn light just the world listen to China good voice – Finance – 巴雷特m82a1

The G20 summit in Hangzhou autumn just listen to the world China     "good voice" — Finance — people.com.cn Shuiguang glittering, empty mountains meng. The quiet beauty of West Lake with the upcoming summit of the group of twenty (G20) summit and the hope of the ripples. Autumn day long circulation time. When the Eleventh G20 summit visit to China, the millennium city of Hangzhou under the eyes of the world to carry a common vision. Recovery needs power. Weak growth accompanied by the downward pressure, policy differences spawned a systemic risk, the world economy in the "crossroads in the confusion stand". Confidence needs to be boosted. Construction of innovation, vitality, linkage, tolerance of the world economy, China program how to draw a win-win road map". September 4th to 5, 2016G20 Hangzhou summit will be opened. At the moment, the world focuses on Hangzhou and the world looks forward to "good voice" from china". Look to the world: the global economy needs a "tonic" of the international financial crisis has not yet dispersed the clouds, downward pressure on a new round of "go to", can hardly be optimistic prospects for the global economy. In the global economic growth is weak, the lack of effective demand, rising unemployment, trade and investment downturn, financial leverage high cumulative adverse factors, the world bank will this year’s global economic growth forecast to 2.4%, the International Monetary Fund will be the next two years, the world economic growth by 0.1 percentage points, also lowered expectations Britain, Japan and the United States three largest economy growth this year. Low-spirited developed economies and emerging market countries economic growth also has shortcomings. While the long-term structural problems in the global economy are becoming more and more prominent, the macro policy differentiation of the major economies is "worse"". The Fed started to raise interest rates for the first time in nearly 10 years in December last year, the European Central Bank’s quantitative easing measures continue to overweight, the Bank of Japan has repeatedly lowered the level of negative interest rates; asset prices remain high in some countries, individual economies, currencies and stock market volatility, global debt to rise further, adding variables to the recovery of the world economy. At the same time, the uncertainty of global economic governance has been further strengthened. Anti globalization argument widely sought after in the U.S. presidential election, the plight of European refugees, the United Kingdom from Europe, the global terrorist attacks on terror so that the global economy is struggling to recover from the weak. As president of the International Monetary Fund Lagarde believes that the global economy is fragmented, unstable state. May this year, foreign minister Wang Yi at the G20 summit in Hangzhou, Chinese and foreign media briefing, said the current world economy is in an important transition period, both opportunities and challenges. One is to rely solely on fiscal and monetary policy to stimulate the economy of the road gets narrower, the effect is declining; two is the main body of economic policy clear differentiation, difficult to form a joint force; three is the trade and investment protectionism, open economy to construct; four of the world economy has rebounded somewhat, but the growth is still weak, downward pressure. Wandering in the worries and hardship in the global economy, especially in this particular period need a needle tonic, and the G20 summit in Hangzhou bearing)相关的主题文章: