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Said to go to Tibet, the first stop – Linzhi Lang town – Sohu eat and drink 爱多vcd

Said to go to Tibet, the first stop – Linzhi Lu Lang town – Sohu food and drink is said to have a dream of most people in Tibet, I am no exception. I heard that before going to Tibet, be sure to do a lot of preparation in advance, because it is a plateau area, the need to pay attention to a lot of things, and it is best to take the train, so that the body has a process of adaptation. Although I do not exclude the train ride, but the thought of a few hours away, or have been hesitant. Then a friend to go to Linzhi to see the proposal as autumn, starting three days later, my heart. Linzhi heard of this place for the first time, is when watching the Anne baby book about Linzhi Medog on foot in the story, then read a lot of books such as the National Geographic magazine, see about Linzhi peach, Brahmaputra and other natural landscape in Linzhi. So for this place in Linzhi, the heart yearning. Linzhi is located in the southeast of Tibet. The average elevation of 3000 meters, while the lowest is only 900 meters high, is lower than other parts of Tibet. Is the world’s largest vertical land topography gap, also known as "Tibet Jiangnan". If it is go, Linzhi is a good choice to come here, just walk slowly, speak slowly, everything slowly, do not have to worry about the high anti. Geographical and colorful landscape of Linzhi, there are endless scenery, and this time, we chose the town of Lang Lang. Rouland town is the most beautiful long tea horse road town. Rouland town is the reconstruction of the focus of the tourism development project in Guangdong Province, probably because of this, here feel warm. A little girl who was wearing a Tibetan costume with Tibetan characteristics was also a volunteer from Guangdong. I asked her why she came here to volunteer, she said there is no reason to wash the heart of tall, just want to give yourself a holiday, contact with a number of different people and things. Life here is very simple, rhythm slowly down, not only because there is no mobile phone, the 4G network is more stable, because with each glance, is beautiful. Remember a friend said, there are a lot of beautiful rivers and mountains of the motherland, and we have never traveled one by one. Remember that the weather is not very good, a little light rain, shooting technology is very casual, I can not see the current freeze, but probably more photos and text, are not enough to describe such a landscape. To tie Lu Tang. The bridge as a starting point, a short one hour hike through the mountain pastures, arrive at the tribute. Not mistaken, the Tibetan language is the meaning of the lake measures. There are many large and small lakes, reflecting the sky low cloud. Perhaps it is because the cloud is very low, so the shadow is particularly large, playful sunshine in the vast clouds floating down, so there is such a cool and bright color. Friends of the New Zealand friends said that such a lawn, blue sky, almost thought to return to the other side of the ocean. If you go to a week later, probably can see more trenchant in autumn. Along the way, and buddies chatting, imperceptibly walked out into the lake. Gong cloth, Tibetan clothes bright, become a beautiful scenery in the vast plateau, a little regret is not able to grab them.相关的主题文章: