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The most romantic Christmas, when the 50 pairs of Asia’s most luxurious cruise – Sohu travel 追踪309

The most romantic Christmas, when the 50 pairs of Asia’s most luxurious cruise – Sohu travel to take care of a variety of weddings, always feel stereotyped. However, if the wedding to the cruise ship, what kind of experience. This Christmas, the most romantic travel might belong to cruise the star. 50 couples coming in December 25th aboard the Star Cruise, open their life journey of romance. Do you still remember in 1994, all the hearts of young girls dream of the sea stirs the movie "mermaid legend" in the movie, the vast blue sea, drowning boy in white and beautiful "Mermaid" Christy Chung. Many years later, still beautiful "Mermaid" Christy Chung and Zhang Lunshuo into the marriage hall, Kelly cruise has the honor of being the designated sea Christy Chung couple honeymoon castle. In December 25th, they will bring their own close relatives and good friends and three cute little princess dream of the blue and you open the trip. Our cruise’s first Cruise – "cloud dream" is the first native Asian luxury cruise, 1674 rooms, can accommodate 3352 people. In December 25th, when a new day begins in the sunshine, there will be fifty cars consisting of luxury car fleet, will you received from the hotel boarding pier. The wedding exclusive boarding area boarding pier, which you will be with fifty luxury cars Kelly cruise LOGO group photos, surprise and look forward before the sail may be feeling the most worthy of recording the journey, let the photographer to hold this beautiful moment. That night, to accommodate thousands of people sign theatre regularly screening of the latest 3D movie, you launch a exclusive show on Sept. 26, your room will be placed for love wishing tree task card, new task card after wearing theme T-shirts ready to complete the task of the task you write your declaration of love, into the bottle love, hung on the wishing tree. And win SPA experience coupons. 27 ~28 June, you will be divided into three batches left your happy moments in Da Nang beach, Ha Long Bay beach, star cruise ship, each pair will receive 10 exclusive wedding and 10 other collective wedding, white wedding dress, clear sky and blue sea will give you an outline of the most beautiful picture of happiness, we will give you the well-known photographer hold this unforgettable moment, let it become the memories of the best times of your future dull life. Finally, a cruise on the sea SPA experience, Swedish massage, Thai massage, Hawaii massage, massage Lomi Lomi Paris and shiatsu massage, with high-end equipment, create your exclusive spa experience for you. 29, we will usher in a grand collective wedding party, enjoy the scene featuring folk ballads, jazz band, sea delicious delicacy and whiskey in the global top rare happiness, and deck romantic brilliant fireworks in the sea, a sea of stars and encounters in exchange the diamond ring and around TA, to spend the remaining years of quiet good. It is reported that, in the spring of 2017 and will star cruise.相关的主题文章: