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Man with 6 year old son living in Haikou restaurant for dinner to leave the peak of 2 months carmex润唇膏

Man with 6 year old son to live in Haikou restaurant for dinner to leave the peak of Liu Zhongyun and father and son for 2 months. Southern Metropolis Daily News November 13th "Haikou Times Square in Xiuying a restaurant, a little boy and his father lived there long, poor…… If the weather is cold, you can give the little boy and his father if you have a bigger idle clothes!" Recently, there are users forwarded this message caused concern. It is understood that the boy’s father Liu Zhongyun is Sichuan Guang’an people, has many years of living in Hainan, three years ago, his wife suffering from mental illness, at present Liu Zhongyun with his son doing odd jobs in Haikou, because of no fixed abode, two months ago has been to this restaurant in the night. On the morning of 13, the Southern Metropolis Daily reporter arrived at the Haikou Harbour Road, Xiuying District Xiuying Times Square, the restaurant in the aisle to find the father and son. At that time, Liu Zhongyun was sitting on the steps of the aisle to eat, his son Liu is playing with the other children in the side, Liu on the nursery school bag on the side. Liu Zhongyun said, because there was no money for the children to school, his father has lived for more than two months in the restaurant, wash sleep here. In the more than two months time, the restaurant staff did not catch them, they also try not to affect other people here to eat, as soon as the peak of the meal they will go out of the restaurant. According to the restaurant staff, more than two months ago, the father and son have lived here, during which many guests also took the initiative to help them look at this restaurant property, the son of poor never drive them. In fact, we help him to help children, children are so small, every day to stay here too poor." In an interview with reporters, said a person familiar with the situation, the first to see the father and son, they sat in the corner of the restaurant next to the children’s play area, children and adults who wear clothes are very shabby. To this end, they learned that the father and son after the situation, some guests will take the initiative to give them some money or food to help. "There are a lot of people to help me, these days, good people see us poor, will take the initiative to give my children and I eat some." Liu Zhongyun was grateful for the help of enthusiastic people. Reporters during a conversation with Liu Zhongyun learned that Liu Zhongyun is in Sichuan city of Guang’an province Yuechi County, 48 years old this year, in 1994 alone came to Hainan to work, it has to work in Wanning a furniture factory for many years, in 2009 the understanding of the child’s mother Ms. Chung, Ms. Zhong Wanning, married in 2010 after birth the liu. "In 2010 due to the bankruptcy of the Wanning furniture factory, my wife and I came to Haikou to work with children, but the weather is unpredictable, in three years ago, my wife suddenly suffering from mental illness, then in order to treat his wife, I spent all these years to accumulate 20 thousand yuan savings, but under his wife’s condition has no better, helpless, I will present his wife back to Wanning by the local government departments for treatment." Liu Zhongyun said, his son is 5 years old this year, in recent years, he was doing odd jobs in Haikou with her son, because there is no money to rent a house, now no fixed abode, he and his son would often sleep in the shops along the street under the eaves. "We are doing odd jobs.相关的主题文章: