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Car appeared idle instability, failure 90% and the throttle exist – Sohu automobile 申威1600

The car "idle" and "instability and failure 90% solar term door" – Sohu car if the owner of the car use more than 4 years of life, then in the process of the use of motor vehicles, the fault will often appear all sorts of "idle" instability. In fact, such a fault auto processing method is very simple, as long as the owner can accumulate rich experience in maintenance of vehicle accidents, and has a car repair tools, then the car maintenance is very simple, does not affect the normal use of the car owners. What are the factors associated with the unstable idle speed? The first poor fuel quality through the market survey found that most of the domestic owners of "idle" failure, are associated with poor fuel quality, as long as the owner can clean up the car "solar term door" timely, basically can eliminate various common faults. After cleaning the throttle can not solve the idle unstable fault, you need to go to a professional maintenance plant for a comprehensive test to avoid the impact of various types of fault to the normal use of the car. There are second bad driving habits if the owner has a lot of bad driving behavior when driving a car, so the car after more than two years, the operation stability of vehicles will inevitably be affected by. Due to a variety of driving habits have a direct impact on the life of the car, the car is basically a fault with the way the driver is associated. Able to develop good driving habits, to avoid the occurrence of various faults, effectively extend the service life of the car, to avoid the failure of the car, resulting in increased cost of use. Car failure is not terrible, timely maintenance of the most important in the car failure, regardless of any fault, must be timely maintenance. If the efficiency of the maintenance of the accident vehicle is relatively low, then the use of the vehicle safety is bound to be affected. Able to detect and deal with a variety of common car failure, can keep the car stable operation, will not be affected by any fault. Especially for the car "idle" repeated failure, if not get any improvement in the replacement of high standard gasoline situation, so the owners need for timely comprehensive cleaning solar term door. By carefully cleaning the throttle way, can basically rule out more than 90% of the idle unstable fault, to extend the service life of the car to help. The emergence of "idle" unstable failure is not terrible, the need for timely maintenance of the owners, to be able to find the root cause of idling unstable fault, you can successfully complete the repair of the fault of the car. A car: Car master has a problem, find a car at the auto master, master has 100 thousand certified professional 4S automotive technician, quick answer your car repair and maintenance of vehicles, etc.. Car master also opened the door to install the service in the country, welcomed the appointment of car master gold service. History ======= problem for automobile automobile master car master, 10 minutes to answer all your questions: WeChat car car add up arrow press copy master相关的主题文章: