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Forced grid strength both D-max, was worthy of poetry and distance – Sohu car foxpro6.0免费下载

Forced the strength of both D-MAX, worthy of poetry and distance – Sohu car we long trapped in the reinforced concrete pouring of the city, struggling in the crowded, crowded and noisy crowd, shrouded in a variety of tangible and intangible pressure, ups and downs in the intrigues, you die I live competition. Just like the day in May to sing, we are all in the living life more than the following "state, breathe fresh air, feel the hot sun, drink the sweet water, out of the soft breeze with flowers. All this, in the end is progress or retrogression? I think everyone in this environment for a long time people will have the idea of "escape" inadvertently, like American movies like "on the road", the car stood in country music to gallop in the light of heart from care Highway 66, the magnificent magnificent no human habitation, from New York to San Francisco, a talking about the broad road drink find the true self. At this time, a both sedan comfort, SUV through the high, the MPV utility function and loading capacity beyond the above all models of pickup, must be the best partner in your way. A pickup truck, take you to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and impetuous, open a life on the road in the United States, the pickup has not only transport, but became a symbol of culture and way of life. In domestic market, most of the traditional freight pickup is just as strong labor exists, pickup manufacturers are also in the maximum extent to meet this demand, as long as cheap, can be installed, can run, no one seems to care about its rough interior and shabby configuration, this is also destined to most of the domestic pickup "low-end" image. The real American pickup, because of its high price of imports to the country and relatively high fuel consumption, has gradually become a rich man’s toys. Fortunately, in between, we have Isuzu D-MAX. A long history of heritage, leading the design history of pickup D-MAX, the first to be traced back to 1972. From the birth of the first generation models to now, has passed more than and 40 years, it has experienced the evolution of the seven generation. Can find the shadow of the D-MAX evolution of Isuzu D-MAX pickup many domestic pickup body, and most imitated Isuzu pickup models, the pace is still stuck in the fourth generation of D-MAX, the design of the classic. It can be said that D-MAX is a pickup truck design trends. Within reach of the price, size is excellent since pressure release and escape material, seeking freedom, then accompany us action pickup first of all you need to do this one. D-MAX price range (13.4-18.28 million), coupled with the ongoing two drive models free purchase tax incentives (entry models after the purchase tax, the purchase price is only about $125 thousand). As a unique domestic pickup in two drive automatic models, Car Buying after conversion price is only 145 thousand yuan), let our life become available free pickup. The design of D-MAX solid and strong, bring a sense of safety at home相关的主题文章: