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Upgrade the appearance of the beans D2S in September 12th officially listed – Sohu utc行家

The appearance of configuration upgrade beans known D2S in September 12th officially listed Sohu Sohu E electric car car [park] know beans D2S in Beijing in September 12th will be officially listed, the new car compared to cash beans known D2 were changed in the exterior and interior design, configuration is also improved, the new car will use the latest LOGO beans known brands, and continued the concept of intelligent and miniaturization. Know beans D2S car with Cross suite gate, appearance change is mainly reflected in the front part of the front face of the grille tigers new, double color chrome and black collocation logo also more texture. Below the bumper on both sides of the LED fog lights replaced the imitation inlet current model design, make the vehicle more delicate. Little change in the rear of the new car, the overall design to keep the front echoes. Interior part, know beans D2S provides two kinds of color, respectively, Knight black and Mocha brown two. Knight black interior with red, blue and yellow body, Mocha Brown interior with gray, white and black body. The new car uses the knob type shift, multi-function steering wheel integrated car phone, volume control, media switching and voice wake-up function. The configuration, vehicle connectivity system know beans D2S relative cash function should be more comprehensive, more voice WeChat, real-time traffic, mobile phone mapping and other functions, and vehicle system flow increased from MB to 1GB. Dynamic aspects of the beans continue to use D2S permanent magnet synchronous motor, the maximum power of 41 Ma Liang, peak torque of 95N· m, the official driving range of 155 km, in constant speed can reach up to 180 km. New battery will enjoy 8 years or 120 thousand km warranty. It is understood that the new experience in order to let every consumer better experience incog brings, know beans has launched 912 yuan in pre panic buying platform and Tmall Taobao Juhuasuan platform, and listed on the same day in the Tmall broadcast platform to broadcast panic buying activity, as long as consumers pay 912 yuan a panic buying in the Tmall platform, not only can know beans after the listing of D2S make up the tail, the first time to join the ranks of "micro pioneer", can win iPhone 7 mobile phone and Ampang insurance with a value of 3000 yuan more than the annual commercial insurance a. At the same time, to participate in the pre-sale activities of consumers, as well as the opportunity to win the monthly 5G upgrade vehicle traffic packages (ordinary car users for 1G months vehicle traffic packages). Summary: according to the country’s new energy subsidies are preferential policies, know beans D2S will enjoy 45 thousand yuan of state subsidies, the amount of local subsidies will be based on the situation in Beijing, for example, the same amount of subsidies will be $45 thousand. The current model beans known D2 in addition to enjoy local subsidies and countries, manufacturers also provide subsidies, perhaps the new car market will continue to enjoy preferential subsidies provided by the manufacturer.相关的主题文章: