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Yancheng tourism debut tour Jiangsu Henan promotion – Travel Channel dnf商人吧

Yancheng tourism debut tour of Jiangsu Henan will promote tourism channel promotion site on September 1st to 5, Yancheng tourism promotion group in Jiangsu under the leadership of the Provincial Tourism Bureau, for the first time into the Henan opening and Zhengzhou City, held a "tour of Jiangsu" in tourism promotion, and actively promote the Yancheng tourism products, invite the Henan tourists friends to open the "journey of salt wash". This came to Tokyo from " " an important birthplace of Chinese civilization, the reputation of the city – Zhengzhou city to carry out the promotion, around the Yancheng City ecological tourism resources and market potential, the initiative and the Henan tourism peer contact feelings, deepen cooperation, expand the tourist market. During the promotion, Yancheng City Tourism Bureau, Yancheng National Nature Reserve, the Dafeng elk Park, Holland Huahai scenic Funing Jinsha Lake Tourism Resort Dongtai the Yellow Sea, Forest Park and other tourist units to seize the opportunity, respectively, with the participants of Henan travel agency and media warm discussion, introduce the characteristics of project resources and preferential policies, and strive to achieve to maximize the promotion. Yancheng tourism in the promotion conference, representatives of the scenic area as a whole line of products, and especially for the Henan friend introduced "new product individual tickets + accommodation", welcome. Yancheng tourist publicity materials is convenient and practical to attract everyone’s attention, have read and participate in the WeChat sweep the two-dimensional code interaction, more travel information. The meeting in particular the addition of WeChat wall interaction, pay attention to the city’s official WeChat souvenirs and other links, so that the atmosphere will be more active promotion, promotion more fruitful. Click here to watch the video of the best tourist information > Chinese; > Yancheng scenic tourism enterprise promotion site promotion business negotiation raffle (commissioning editor (Intern): Zhao Yuanyuan, Liu Jia)相关的主题文章: