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Wang Jianlin South Korean government asked me to build 20 to 30 cosmetic hospital 特命战队go busters

Wang Jianlin: the South Korean government asked me to build 20 to 30 cosmetic hospital in the morning of August 25th, the number of flying and the opening of the annual meeting of the tenth annual Wanda business conference in. Micro-blog map "Chinese not to really hold rich teenage boy, domestic, overseas to the extent of consumption." In August 25th, the 2016 flying business fair and the annual meeting of the tenth annual Wanda, Wang Jianlin said. Wanda Group Chairman Wang Jianlin said at the meeting, to bring back overseas consumption. Wang Jianlin given a set of figures, in 2015 China’s overseas tourism consumption of 1 trillion and 500 billion, of which 800 billion of shopping consumption, while the Chinese people in overseas consumption of about $150 billion purchase. "Now Chinese people like to go abroad for medical, sports, new consumption. For example, the Chinese go overseas physical examination, the lifting of the Korean plastic industry up. Before a district government in Seoul to find me, they go out, let me go to invest, invest 20 to 30 hospitals. Because the Chinese go to Korea too many cosmetic surgery." Wang Jianlin said here, triggering a laughter of the audience. Wang Jianlin said; "I said I’m not ready to do so, I’d better get Chinese to get a plastic zone in the Chinese, I do in Korea, after covering more Chinese with the past." For why the phenomenon of rapid consumption of Chinese people continue to drain, Wang Jianlin gives his own analysis. Wang Jianlin said that the first reason is the price. "The price is one of the most important killer to consumers in the competition, the first is the price competition, followed by quality competition, brand competition and so on." At the same time, he believes that the reason why the Chinese are now turning to luxury goods abroad is to buy commodities because of high prices, and not simply blame the problem on high tariffs. "Why do we have the same quality of drugs as foreign countries, but China’s quality standards is a little lower than overseas? This is because our overall price system is out of the question." In addition, Wang Jianlin believes that consumer safety is one of the factors. Basically can be assured at the expense of consumption abroad, but at home is still not done. Such as Hongkong and Guangdong, is a common phenomenon in Guangdong is fake, but in is rarely fake Hongkong. So we are willing to go to Hongkong to buy things, and later appeared on the purchase of milk powder from Hongkong to buy things." Wang Jianlin also mentioned that the domestic consumption of safe and secure consumption has not been improved, and even more serious now, coupled with the rise of e-commerce, making it more difficult to solve such problems. In this regard, Wang Jianlin believes that governance should be severely fake phenomenon. The phenomenon of fake and shoddy treatment, we lost confidence in China’s consumption. In fact, the governance is very simple, in the United States, Japan, South Korea, these countries to sell fakes is to be sentenced, but in China to see a few fakes will be sentenced?" Wang Jianlin said. Not only that, Wang Jianlin also pointed out that the overseas consumption back to the country can also increase employment and tax. "Some of the consumption back to the domestic, and then continue to continue the high-speed outflow of consumption, domestic production, consumption or development will have problems. For example, tourism and housing, even if the 30% is to take back home is ten thousand;相关的主题文章: