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Who is my tasting tannins, where you come from, where to eat and drink – Sohu 乃々果花

| tasting tannins: who am I, where you come from, where to eat and drink – Sohu Abstract: who am I, where you come from, where to go, this is a lifetime to explore the ultimate proposition. So, if tannin will think, it is how to explore the meaning of it? Red wine world network (micro signal: wine-world) to bring you into the hole in the world of tannin! Who I am, where I come from, where I go, this is the ultimate proposition that man has been searching for all his life. In Wine, tannin can be called star vocabulary, has become a miraculous existence, attracted countless film. So, if tannin will think, it is how to explore the meaning of it? Let us walk together in the hole in the world of tannin! Source: Fresh Wallpapers 1 tannins? First of all, I’d like to introduce myself to you. Take a look at how scientists define me: tannin is a natural phenolic substance, can be divided into two categories – hydrolysis of tannin and polymerization tannin. Hydrolysable tannins exist widely in oak and a variety of plants, it can be decomposed into smaller molecules in water or acid solution; polymerization of tannins, insoluble in water, mainly in tea, pomegranate and grape skins, seeds and stems. When combined with the protease in saliva, the mouth of the surface layer will produce a convergence of the touch, which is often said to be a sense of mouth". Some people told me that, I feel very little see figure, not close to people’s life, but in fact I exist in your side, although not to hear, but your mouth can feel my existence. Common in the life of tea, walnuts, almonds, cinnamon, cloves, pomegranates, grapes, papaya and red beans and other foods can be seen in my shadow. In short, I is a kind of phenolic compounds, widely exists in plant flowers, stems and leaves, will bring to oral acerbic sense, which is why people will not abandon my amiable and easy of approach. But in fact, I exist in order to protect the plant from the insect infestation of animals, under the appearance of a high cold hides a soft heart, not to mention I also play a very important role in the wine. Curious, please continue to look down! 2 where does the tannin in the wine come from? Before answering my question, I would like to ask a question, where did I come from? The students who have read my last answer will tell me that from the grapes, the answer is right, but this is only part of it. 1) grape tannin source: the start of the Pinterest results in the vine, I have been in the grape skin, grape seed and grape stems slowly accumulate their strength, with the development of grape, I have become more mature. In the production of red wine, people will make the grape juice and skin, seeds for a certain contact, that is, the skin". In the process of soaking, I slowly release, into the wine, into the soul of wine. In addition, I have much to do with the thickness of grape skin. In grape skin!相关的主题文章: