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Jiangsu Yangzhou long-distance bus rollover has caused 3 deaths in Beijing 巴雷特m82a1

3 people died in Jiangsu – Yangzhou long-distance bus rollover has Beijing, Beijing, September 16 Nanjing Xinhua (reporter Cui Jiaming) 16, reporters from the Yangzhou local official was informed that a long-distance bus 15 at noon in the State Road 328 Yizheng Xinji rollover occurred, the accident has caused 3 deaths, there are still 5 people seriously injured. The night of the incident, the Yangzhou municipal Party committee secretary Xie Zhengyi to the hospital to visit, condolences to the wounded, called for the full treatment of the wounded, properly handle the aftermath, to ensure the safety of the people’s lives. According to the official bulletin, September 15th at 12 pm, Anhui Chuzhou to Yangzhou, a passenger bus along national highway 328 to Yangzhou, the accident occurred, Yizheng Xinji is way out of the fence, collided with the roadside trees. After the accident, the Public Security Bureau Public Security Bureau, Yizheng City, Yangzhou City, the first time to mobilize the police, fire, rescue, emergency rescue and other 120 forces rushed to the scene, quickly carry out personnel rescue, on-site investigation, investigation and evidence collection, vehicle rescue work. After preliminary investigation, the car Yangzhou automobile group long-distance bus, core set of 39 people, carrying 19 people (including 18 passengers and 1 drivers). Currently, there are 3 people died after the hospital died, as well as 16 wounded in the hospital, including more than 5 people were seriously injured, the injured were slightly injured, 2 people were slightly injured. Cause of the accident investigation, personnel identity verification, rehabilitation and other work is being carried out in an orderly manner. (end)相关的主题文章: