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Cherish the traditional mid autumn festival culture _ Sina News 瀬名アスカ

Cherish the traditional mid autumn festival culture _ Sina News September 13th, Tianjin Normal University, the school of traditional Chinese culture in the parent-child cultural activities of the Mid Autumn Moon special experience activities held in the school. From the thirty families of staff and children in the "baking expert" under the leadership of experienced process of making cakes, feel the cultural connotation of traditional festivals. Ma Ruohu sends bright fall, osmanthus fragrance, and perfect conjugal bliss when. Light, enjoy the scenery, the festival, let us talk about the sharing of the traditional Mid Autumn Festival culture. The Mid Autumn Festival, also known as the festival, is China’s second largest after the Spring Festival, has been more than a thousand years of history. It originated with the ancient festival, worship has a direct relation to the moon, Wu Gang, osmanthus, rabbit and other fairy tale, and the moon worship custom is to add a lot of flavor for the holiday. The custom of Mid Autumn Festival worship from changebenyue story. The moon, Hou Yi was thinking of his wife, then sent to the goddess of love in the garden, put on the table, put on her usual favorite food fresh honey, offering sentimentally attached to their fragrance in the moon. People who heard the news that changebenyue immortal, have on the display in Xiangan, to pray for good fortune peace. In my hometown, also called "Xian moon worship", the sacred ceremony let the children full of curiosity, they are often deeply welcomed and loved. I remember when the annual Mid Autumn Festival approaching, I always have to remind the parents "don’t forget" Xian moon "Mid Autumn Festival", but also take the initiative to raise. However, as I grew up to study and work in the field, few people mention the "Moon", coupled with family members difficult to reunite, this custom has become a history, and not only my family so. In addition to the above reasons, the improvement of people’s lives has led to the decline of custom. For example, many families have lived in the cottage before, offer the moon in the yard, and now most of them moved into the building, offer the moon is also inconvenient to be implemented. For example, in the past, people are looking forward to the feast to enjoy the food, but also look forward to sharing with the moon; now the conditions are good, but the enthusiasm to share the light. No matter how the times change, should not let the beautiful customs go far, forgotten. The inheritance and development of traditional culture must start from the doll. As I said, the children are often curious about the customs, but they do not quite understand the meaning of the custom and cultural connotations. Therefore, we should carry out stories, poetry readings, making moon cake and a series of wonderful experience activities, let the children have a strong interest in traditional culture, and through their "role", the mobilization of parents, convey emotion, to achieve the purpose of popularization of traditional culture. For family members to reunite, conditions are not allowed, and other issues, the need to set up a platform for the community and relevant departments to create more people can mention the interests of traditional culture and let people experience the conditions involved. Somewhere, every year before the Mid Autumn Festival will be built beside the street is a two or three meter long processing moon cake oven, people ready flour, sesame oil, sugar and other materials from home, holding the pot, waiting to "moon cakes", chefs often bake until eight or nine at night to end, children all eyes bright相关的主题文章: