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Drink explosion class! Wuhan, a university set up soft drinks processing (Figure) – China Network dnf商人吧

"Drink" explosion class! Wuhan, a university set up soft drinks processing classes (Figure) – the new school students in the circle of friends in the beverage lesson picture. Photograph: Li Jiawei Lei Lei Chu network news (correspondent Lei Lei Li Jiawei) "class drink drink to eat, but also nobody! Remember to drink after alkaline beverage." In September 28th, Wuchang Institute of food science and engineering class 1301 Xu into the circle of friends are friends maxed out for the new professional courses this semester — soft drink processing course, netizens have said very cool, very strong". "This drink tastes a bit sour, and the students compare the ingredients." September 28th morning, the reporter saw the front desk of the classroom placed nearly 20 different tastes of the beverage. Teacher Zhao Xin is among the cups students, let us try to distinguish between the various drinks taste the difference. It is reported that, before class, Zhao Xin will notify the students to bring their usual love to drink beverages, ask you from the formula, taste, ph…… Different aspects of their differences. After class, she asked the students under the guidance of the different drinks to test the pH value. "With a dry glass rod dipped in a drop of drinks, carefully drop in the PH test according to the central color change compared with standard color card will be able to see the degree of acid beverage." Teacher Zhao Xin said, although drinking alkaline beverage is good for the body, but the drinks on the market today because of the pursuit of developers and manufacturing and sales of the beverage taste for non alkaline beverage. Xie Huiliang said that young people love to drink, but little attention to the health of some unhealthy drinks on the body. Under the guidance of the teacher, to understand the method of making natural soft drink less alcohol content, will learn how to judge the beverage. This is not only more conducive to health, but also for professional learning to add some practical experience, in one fell swoop. The alkaline water can to some extent regulate the body’s pH value, so as to boost their immunity." Turning to the original intention of the course was opened, Zhao Xin said, many studies show that the majority of acidic drinks, adverse health. Let the students to carry on the processing of their favorite drink in the classroom, not only can let the students know more about the food additives and tasting beverages, but also increase the students’ awareness of healthy life.相关的主题文章: