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Sizzling Beef Steak material was made of pork pork waiter good 高达08ms小队

Sizzling Beef Steak material was made of pork pork waiter: good original title: Sizzling Beef Steak material was pork Baoji restaurant "substitution", another restaurant "beef" is China Baoji daily news (reporter Zhang Baolong) with pork as the saying goes "cry up wine and sell vinegar". Recently, some people reflect, they eat in a restaurant, the Sizzling Beef Steak was pork. The waiter admitted fraud called "made of pork delicious" 3 noon, in accordance with the guidelines of the public administration, the China Daily reporter came to Baoji Avenue Jintai district "Hunan taste restaurant, diners dining hall" in a continuous line. The reporter found Sizzling Beef Steak in the restaurant menu, the price of 28 yuan. A few minutes later, Sizzling Beef Steak on the table, the reporter a few bites, feel the taste of the meat does not eat beef, and a sausage flavor. Asked the waiter, the other said it is beef. To see someone in the dish of beef in doubt, another waitress came over to explain that they are meat in this dish is pork. For the reporter’s question, the other side also plausibly said: "the use made of pork". The name is Sizzling Beef Steak, how to use pork to do? The waitress explained that the key is the difference between the price of beef and pork, not only their family to do so, the other is the same. Subsequently, the China Daily reporter in the avenue, another called "Shu Xiang Ge" the restaurant also ordered a 28 yuan of beef, the beef taste here do not eat beef flavor. Called the waiter asked, the other is beef, in the reporter’s request, the waiter took out the bag "beef" raw materials, packaging bag marked "Mongolia meat", but a closer look, the raw material was pig tenderloin. It is reported that the Baoji market pork price per kilogram of about 30 yuan, while the price of beef is about 60 yuan per kilogram, the price difference is probably the main reason for businesses substitution. Law enforcement officers to investigate someone’s restaurant was ordered rectification in the face of such Kengpian consumer behavior, the reporter to the local food and drug administration departments to reflect. 4, the China Daily reporter followed Baoji City Jintai District food and drug inspection team of law enforcement officers came to the "Hunan taste restaurant.". The face of investigation, store owner took their raw material packaging bag of beef in this dish, write clearly marked raw materials: pork tenderloin. Speaking of why pork posing as beef, the shop owner installed confused. Law enforcement officials said that the store used raw materials from the packaging and the cable card to see the ticket is no problem. The shop owner said, they store not only is Sizzling Beef Steak, there are 28 yuan fried yellow beef is also made of the material. For this kind of deceptive behavior, law enforcement officials said it would prosecute. In the "Shu Xiang Ge" restaurant inspection, the beginning of the waiters do not admit, also luck. Law enforcement officers to check out the use of beef raw materials packaging bags found, and the other restaurant is the same as raw materials, are the name of Mongolia meat, pork raw materials. The packing bag is written in a Hunan food factory, but according to the packaging manufacturers left a telephone call, it is empty. At the time of the inspection, the restaurant could not provide the raw material on the spot. Faced with all kinds of questions, law enforcement officials said they will continue to trace.相关的主题文章: