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Huangshi a residential luxury car was disfigured by Porsche lettering (video) carmex润唇膏

Huangshi a residential luxury car was disfigured by Porsche lettering live in Huangshi Wuhan Lu Ruifeng Park District Ms. Wan, this two day is very painful. She just bought a Mercedes Benz GLS400, even licence No, put in the underground garage is reluctant to open, the body should be drawn in a complete mess. At noon on September 9th, the underground garage of ruifengyuan District, has 9 cars being designated "injured", including a Mercedes GLS400, a Porsche Cayenne, a Audi A4. The district was built in 2014, next to Huangshi digital plaza. More than and 10 days ago, Ms. Wan’s husband, Mr. Gao bought a Mercedes Benz GLS400, this car worth $about 1300000, plus vehicle purchase tax and insurance, a total of about 1500000 yuan. Mercedes Benz is not on the license, Mr. Gao cherish it. "He parked in the underground garage reluctant to open, just bought back, carrying my child and I went for a wind, and once again with friends." Ms. Wan said. On the morning of September 10th, the owners of a group of people said that there are multiple car garage plot was injured, Ms. Wan was not the same thing. At about 9 a.m., she went to the garage and was stunned – Mercedes Benz was not decent! 12 pm, East Chu evening news reporter saw in the underground garage of the District, Ms. Wan home Benz, engine cover is full of lines and circles, these lines are very deep scratches. In addition to the hood, both sides of the body has long scratches. Not far away, Mr. Yan is in front of his white Chevrolet Cruze classic camera. This car spent 120 thousand, opened 6660 kilometers, the hood also is full of lines and circles. Under the leadership of Ms. Wan, East Chu evening news reporter also found another 4 cars were scratched in the garage. Among them, two sets of Buick front and rear are drawn lines. Mr. Feng in July to buy the Audi A4, the hood has also been zoned injury. Mr. Huang’s Porsche Cayenne, bought in April this year, spent about 1100000 yuan. Cayenne on the hood, draw a cat pattern, next to cut a word "death". The key hole and logo on the cab door, have been labeled chewing gum. Property staff said that after preliminary statistics, a total of 9 cars were zoned injury, including a Mercedes Benz, a Porsche, a Audi, Buick, a Chevrolet, a nissan. After the incident, the property has been reported to the police. Hongqi Bridge police station has been involved in the investigation. (Dong Chu evening Gao Ximing) the car parked next to residential property seven years after the replacement of lettering was suddenly "the next taxi"相关的主题文章: