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Do you want to coach if you want to learn swimming A bone conduction headset 申威1600

Do you want to coach if you want to learn swimming? A bone conduction headset all fix Tencent digital news (Linda) swimming is very good aerobic exercise, can let the body move, while exercising limb coordination, cardiopulmonary function, at the same time, a large number of calories consumed. Compared with running, the only disadvantage of swimming is the high threshold. First you have to learn to swim, to ensure safety; secondly, the swimming posture also determines your exercise effect. Obviously, not everyone likes to hire a swimming instructor. Is there any other way to swim better? Take a look at SWIMBOT. In a nutshell, SWIMBOT is a swimming trainer that helps you learn more about swimming. It’s designed to be a bone conduction headset with a host, which means you don’t have to bring your smartphone into the water, and it’s more convenient. Of course, after swimming, you can transfer data to the mobile phone application to see if you have made progress. SWIMBOT wearing a very simple way, first you have to choose swimming lessons in the host, and then put it into the cap don’t, then two headset clip in cap on both sides, close to the ear. The headset has a bone conduction design, which is more suitable for underwater use. Then, the SWIMBOT sensor can monitor your head, arm movements, and real-time voice guidance, let you know whether the action is accurate. Of course, it can also listen to songs. Design of SWIMBOT host is very advanced, including the MIPS M200 processor, a variety of sensors, support MP3 playback, Bluetooth 4 WIFI connection, IP68 waterproof, and has a 1000mAh battery, can meet the long time of swimming training. In addition, SWIMBOT updates swimming lessons every month, including basic swimming, intensive training and so on. It is suitable for beginners and middle and high level swimming enthusiasts. It is reported that SWIMBOT was including Alain Bernard and many other Olympic champions and professional Triathlon master support, raise public activities was extremely successful, the current retail price of $269 (about RMB 1794 yuan).

想学游泳不想请教练?一款骨传导耳机全搞定腾讯数码讯(Linda) 游泳是非常棒的有氧运动,能够让全身动起来,同时锻炼肢体协调、心肺功能,同时消耗大量热量。与跑步相比,游泳唯一的不足在于门槛偏高。首先你得学会浮水,才能保证安全;其次,游泳姿势也决定了你的锻炼效果。显然,并非所有人都喜欢请一个游泳教练,那么有没有其他方式更好地游泳呢?看看SWIMBOT吧。简单来说,SWIMBOT是一款游泳教练设备,可以帮助你更准确地掌握游泳动作。它被设计成一款拥有主机的骨传导耳机,这意味着你不必带着智能手机下水,更加方便。当然,游泳结束后你还是可以将数据传输到手机应用上,了解自己是否有进步。SWIMBOT的佩戴方式很简单,首先你要在主机上选择游泳课程,然后把它别到泳帽里,再将两个耳机夹在泳帽两边、贴近耳朵。耳机采用了骨传导设计,更适合水下使用。然后,SWIMBOT 的传感器就能够监测你的头部、手臂动作,并进行实时的语音指导,让你了解动作是否准确。当然,它也可以听歌。SWIMBOT主机的设计非常先进,包括MIPS M200处理器、多种传感器、支持MP3播放、蓝牙4.0级WIFI连接、IP68防水,并拥有1000mAh电池,可以满足较长时间的游泳训练。另外,SWIMBOT每个月都会更新游泳教程,包括各种基础泳姿、强化训练等等,适合初学者和中高级游泳爱好者。据悉,SWIMBOT受到了包括阿兰•贝尔纳等诸多奥运冠军及专业铁人三项大师的支持,众筹活动也极为成功,目前的零售价为269美元(约合人民币1794元)。相关的主题文章: