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Ang Lee reveals ” Billy Lynn’s midfield battle ” new film will introduce mainland – 霍金hawking

Ang Lee secret " Billy? Lynn midfielder "   war; the new film will be the introduction of the mainland – Fujian Channel – people.com.cn original title in November: Ang Lee secret " Billy? Lynn midfielder " will introduce the mainland film war; Ang Lee directed new film "Billy in November? Lynn midfield war" plans to introduce the mainland film the market in November this year. The day before, he said at the forum in Taiwan, the Iraq War soldiers as the protagonist of the film is not a lot of people think of "anti war", but simply want to investigate the soldiers of this ethnic group. "Billy? Lynn’s midfield war" is the protagonist of a 19 year old boy Billy Lynn, Texas? He joined the U.S. Army was sent to Iraq, escape from death in a great catastrophe on the battlefield. Subsequently, he was recalled in the Bush administration, on Thanksgiving Day football game at half-time and Beyonce and other entertainment stars, and was awarded the medal of honor. But after that, Billy and other veterans? Lin was sent back to the Bush government in iraq…… From the theme, "Billy? Lynn’s midfield war" really like an anti war film. But Ang Lee stressed that his intention was simply to investigate soldiers of this ethnic group. "Some people will think I took an anti war film now, this is not my intention, I think is the story of the soldiers. The soldiers of this ethnic group are unfamiliar to most people. People think soldiers do, and they actually do is not the same." Talking about the movie in the role of the soldiers, Ang Lee also has his own interpretation: "the military is told how to survive in the battlefield, but have not been told how to survive in the war. I think the soldiers have a sense of destiny, just like a movie for me, is a kind of fate." "Billy? Lynn’s midfield war" adopted shooting format greatly beyond the times, up to 120 frames 4K 3D level of the hitherto unknown. Director Ang Lee said, take higher film frames idea he shot from the "life of Pi" had been brewing: "when I have to take the first contact with the 3D, the first contact with the digital movie. Took after feeling no 24 frames, see can not see. Peer director when looking at the 24 3D frame format, it doesn’t feel right." In his view, the film uses 24 frames per second is not specified, but at the time of technical level restrictions "Cheapest" option. (commissioning editor Chen Lanyan and Shi Yunjuan) 李安揭秘"比利?林恩的中场战事" 新片将于11月引进内地–福建频道–人民网 原标题:李安揭秘"比利?林恩的中场战事" 新片将于11月引进内地 李安执导的新片《比利?林恩的中场战事》计划于今年11月引进内地电影市场。日前,他在台湾出席论坛时坦言,这部以伊战士兵为主角的电影并不是很多人所认为的“反战片”,而只是纯粹地想探讨军人这个族群。 《比利?林恩的中场战事》的主角是一名19岁的得克萨斯男孩比利?林恩,他加入美军被派往伊拉克战场,在战场上大难不死。随后,他被布什政府召回国,在感恩节那天的橄榄球比赛中场休息时与碧昂斯等娱乐明星同台,同时被授予荣誉勋章。不过在这之后,比利?林恩和其他的老兵又被布什政府重新送回到了伊拉克战场……从题材来看,《比利?林恩的中场战事》的确很像一部反战电影。但李安强调说,自己的初衷只是纯粹想探讨军人这个族群。“现在有人会觉得我拍了一部反战片,这其实不是我的初衷,我想讲述的就是军人。军人这个族群对大多数人来说都是陌生的。人们想象中军人做的事,和实际上他们做的事是不一样的。”谈及电影中的士兵角色,李安也有自己的阐释:“军人被告知如何在战场上生存,却没有被告诉如何在战争后生存。我觉得军人身上都有一种宿命感,就如同拍电影于我来说,也是一种宿命。” 《比利?林恩的中场战事》所采用的拍摄格式大大超越时代,达到了前所未有的120帧 4K 3D级别。李安导演透露,拍摄更高帧数电影的想法他从拍摄《少年派的奇幻漂流》时就已酝酿:“拍少年派的时候我第一次接触3D,第一次接触数字电影。拍了之后就感觉24帧不行,看都不能看。同行导演在看24帧格式3D的时候,都感觉不对。”在他看来,电影拍摄使用24帧 秒并非定规,而是在当时技术水平限制下“最便宜”的选择。 (责编:陈蓝燕、施云娟)相关的主题文章: