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Just touch the queue! I never thought you are such a Tokyo game show headache怎么读�

Random line! Unexpectedly, you are such a Tokyo game show from September 15th to 18, the 4 day Tokyo game show has been launched in Tokyo, japan. This exhibition is based on all kinds of game consoles and entertainment software, computer games and game peripheral products. In addition, the exhibition will add VR exhibition area, virtual games soft soft Lolita can be arbitrarily pinch oh. In this Tokyo game show, the exhibition games are numerous. However, the most attractive is the VR pavilion. In the VR Pavilion, a large number of otaku queuing to play a game: random touch virtual animation female. From the picture, the touch of the Lolita shouldn’t have been so good, but many of the otaku say it’s satisfying to just touch the "Lolita". However, if the game player to hit the chest, touch the legs, the picture Lolita will make many shy expression, sent Diadia Jiaochuan to "stop" game player. But isn’t it easier for the house people to be excited? In the exhibition, the picture of the men’s wrestling match was so wonderful that it attracted the attention of a lot of "melon eating masses". The picture is too elegant posture, buddies or to enjoy it. In addition, there are many distinctive games that attract the attention of the players. For example, the shape of the Pyramid game, a screen can support four around gambling; there is a strange game of operation, is characterized by a screen on both sides of people to see the picture is not the same, their convenient manipulation; and another about sushi and tattoos of the game, the picture is large scale, many game player after seeing that is love. It’s worth noting that there are many interesting places around the show. The "real" Tian Wan River play costumes, original mouse pad, milk row and swimwear pillow, bath towel with three gay. Many of the house owners say that they see their own stones more. Well, what does the penguin mother say? Click to download Tencent anime APP, see more popular anime works