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European countries strengthen control of refugees pouring into thousands of refugees trapped in Gree helmet怎么读

European countries to strengthen control of refugees influx of thousands of refugees trapped in Greece – Sohu news, Beijing, February 24   comprehensive message: European countries continue to take a series of measures to strengthen the control of the influx of refugees. Thousands of refugees have been trapped in Greece because of the blocked roads. Belgium 23 days to strengthen border control and France, to prevent refugee tide. The French authorities may have removed a major refugee camp in Calais, the Belgian refugees may worry about Calais to the country. The French government planned to expel refugees stranded in Calais, but because the local number of refugees is estimated to be a lot more than the official, the French court has suspended the evictions. Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Macedonia and Austria have recently begun joint registration of refugees. Macedonia and other countries said that the joint registration of refugees mechanism has shown effect. It has been reported that the police in these countries have monitored the influx of refugees, limiting the number of refugees entering the country every day. Austria 24 also invited Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Macedonia, Albania and other foreign ministers and ministers of the interior to discuss the issue of refugees, may introduce more measures to control the entry of refugees. Greek officials said Greece was not invited to attend the meeting. The Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement saying that Greece had summoned Austria’s ambassador to Greece to protest against the Austrian Party’s convening of multilateral consultations to exclude Greece’s move. The statement said Greece would not accept the Greek border issue if Greece was absent. Thousands of refugees, such as Macedonia and other Greek neighbors, were unable to go to neighboring countries because of border control, The Associated Press and other media reported. A large number of refugees are still waiting on the Greek border, and many refugees are turning back from the border areas. Greek police on 23 sent vehicles to take back more than a thousand Afghan refugees from the border area, the refugees will be temporarily placed in the capital Athens. Greek officials say Macedonia only allows Syria and Iraqi refugees to enter the country with passports. Greek officials are strongly dissatisfied. The International Rescue Committee also criticized the unilateral actions of the countries concerned, which would bring serious consequences to the refugees". According to the latest data released by the international organization for migration, the number of refugees going to Europe remains high. More than 100 thousand people have travelled to Greece via the Mediterranean Sea this year, and 7500 have gone to Italy via the Mediterranean sea. The organization called on the international community to step up positive measures to jointly cope with the refugee crisis. 欧洲多国加强控制难民涌入 数以千计难民被困希腊-搜狐新闻  中新社北京2月24日电  综合消息:欧洲多国继续采取一系列措施,加强控制难民涌入。而数以千计难民由于路途受阻,被困在希腊,引发外界关注。  比利时方面23日表示加强与法国间的边境管控,防范难民潮。由于法国当局有可能拆除加莱的一处主要难民营,比利时担心加莱的难民有可能前往该国。  法国政府原计划强制驱离在加莱滞留的大批难民,但因当地的难民数量比官方估计要超出很多,法国法院目前已经暂缓这项驱离行动。  克罗地亚、塞尔维亚、斯洛文尼亚、马其顿与奥地利最近开始实行联合登记难民机制。马其顿等国表示,联合登记难民机制已经显示出效果。有报道称,上述国家的警方对难民流入都进行了全程监控,限制难民每天入境的数量。  奥地利24日还邀请克罗地亚、塞尔维亚、斯洛文尼亚、马其顿、阿尔巴尼亚等国的外长和内政部长共同磋商难民问题,可能会出台更多控制难民入境的措施。希腊官方称,希腊方面没有被邀请与会。  希腊外交部发表声明,表示希方已传召奥地利驻希腊大使,抗议奥方召集多国磋商排除希腊的举动。声明称,如果在希腊缺席的情况下讨论希腊边境问题,希腊将无法接受。  据美联社等媒体报道,因边境控制的加强,数以千计难民无法前往马其顿等希腊邻国。大批难民目前仍在希腊边境等候,也有不少难民从边境地区折返。希腊警方23日出动车辆从边境地区接回千余名阿富汗难民,这些难民将被临时安置在首都雅典。  希腊官方称,马其顿方面只准许持有护照的叙利亚和伊拉克难民入境。希腊官员对此强烈不满。国际救援委员会也批评有关国家的“单边行动”将给难民带来“严重后果”。  国际移民组织发布的最新数据显示,前往欧洲的难民数量依然居高不下,今年以来已有超过10万人经由地中海前往希腊,7500人经由地中海前往意大利。该组织呼吁国际社会应加紧采取积极措施,联合应对难民危机。相关的主题文章: