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Guangdong wins semi-final, Bynum will recover Du Feng encounter sweet worry 追踪309

Guangdong win the semi-finals Bynum will recover in Du sweet trouble while 3 sweep Shandong 0 promotion, but the Guangdong tigers suffered the most difficult in this series inside a game — Guangdong Hongyuan once encountered mountain " > CBA -5 highlights the people on the double Zhu Fangyu had 31 points in Guangdong although Shandong 125-105 3 sweep Shandong 0 promotion, but the Guangdong tigers suffered the most difficult in this series inside a game — the Guangdong tigers was hit by Shandong blocking. Today’s Shandong changed tactics, they lost the heavy burden of the first two games from the opening, made the opportunity with positive outside attack, and won 2 points in Guangdong in the first quarter. The second section, the Shandong team’s two foreign aid Beasley and Derek Jeter rely on its own strength to suppress the entire Guangdong team, they help Shandong’s leading home team 9 points. Some of the previous downturn also Jett at some moment let people see the 2012~2013 season that equal to anything small, he can be a circle a few steps to shoot the ball; Carter and Zhu Fangyu in the past can also be directly smartly cast. But by Du Feng a pause to let the slow down, the game is back to normal rhythm — Zhu Fangyu in this section there are 2 minutes and 43 seconds by free throws the score; Yi Jianlian was her mistake dunk; the Shandong team just after half-time and mistakes, Zhu Fangyu hand throw a 3 points the ball, once again leading 5 points, then Shandong is no closer to a score. Du Feng faces sweet distress although before rumors of Beasley’s heart has to fly to Dallas, but his performance on the court is still dedicated, hard, seriously, even when he left in the third quarter of 3 minutes and 19 seconds, because the shot was fouled on suspicion, he went to the station to the technology theory — which makes him to eat a technical foul. The audience he dutifully scored 35 points, while another foreign aid Jeter added 29 points. "We lose money inside." Shandong coach Kaiser reluctantly said, "Guangdong is a strong team, I wish they can win the league championship."." The Guangdong team has now entered nirvana, solid defense, scoring spots, Zhu Fangyu is a veteran of the series of the best domestic players, yesterday he got 31 points, Yi Jianlian got 27 points. Now placed in front of Hongyuan coach Du Feng, may be a sweet distress: new aid Carter performance stable, and had been injured Bynum, also quickly recovered from injury, the following and Liaoning team semi-final, foreign aid combination will take what kind of strategy? "Bynum’s injury, I must see the doctor’s advice for me, because he has pulled 2 times this season. As a small foreign aid player, if he plays in the semifinals, the time will be very long." Du Feng said, "and Carter gave us a lot of help on the defensive side and the team as a whole. It’s really hard to decide." Du Feng added: "we’re going to see Bynum training too. He hasn’t played in more than 20 days. We’ll have to look at it again."

广东大胜进半决赛 拜纳姆将伤愈杜峰遇甜蜜烦恼虽然3比0横扫山东晋级,但广东宏远遭遇了在这个系列赛里面最困难的一场比赛――广东宏远一度遭遇到了山"> CBA集锦-5人上双朱芳雨砍31分 广东125-105山东   虽然3比0横扫山东晋级,但广东宏远遭遇了在这个系列赛里面最困难的一场比赛――广东宏远一度遭遇到了山东的阻击。   今天的山东改变了战术,他们从一开场就丢掉了前两场时的沉重包袱,用积极的外线进攻来制造机会,第一节就赢了广东队2分。   第2节,山东队的两个外援比斯利和杰特靠着自己的力量压制了整支广东队,他们最多帮助山东领先主队9分。此前有些低迷的杰特也在一些时刻让人看到了2012~2013赛季那个无所不能的小个子,他可以一过中圈几步就把球投中;也可以在晃过卡特和朱芳雨后直接潇洒地抛投。   而杜锋靠着一次暂停让节奏缓慢下来,比赛回归了正常节奏――朱芳雨在这一节还有2分43秒时靠罚球把比分扳平;易建联随即抓住对方的失误扣篮得分;山东队刚过半场又是失误,朱芳雨回手就扔了一个3分球,一下又领先了5分,此后山东再也没有追近过比分。   杜锋面临甜蜜苦恼   尽管赛前盛传比斯利的心已飞到了达拉斯,但他在场上的表现依然敬业、努力、较真,他甚至在第3节还剩3分19秒的时候,因为一次投篮有被犯规的嫌疑,自己跑到技术台去理论――结果这让他吃到一次技术犯规。全场他尽职尽责地拿到了35分,而另外一名外援杰特也有29分进账。   “我们内线很吃亏。”山东队主帅凯撒有些无奈地说,“广东队是很强的球队,祝愿他们能够取得联赛冠军。”   广东队逐渐步入佳境,现在防守稳固,得分点众多,老将朱芳雨是这个系列赛表现最出色的国内球员,他昨天又拿到了31分,易建联得到27分。   现在摆在宏远主帅杜锋面前的,可能是一个甜蜜的苦恼:新援卡特表现稳定,而此前一直受伤的拜纳姆,也很快伤愈,下面和辽宁队的半决赛,外援组合将采取什么样的策略?   “拜纳姆的伤,我一定要看医生给我的建议,因为他这个赛季连续2次拉伤。作为小外援,他如果在半决赛中上场,时间将非常长。”杜锋说,“而卡特在防守端和球队整体上给了我们很大的帮助,这真的很难抉择。”杜锋补充:“我们也要看拜纳姆训练的情况,他20多天没打比赛,我们要再看看。”相关的主题文章: