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Friendly reminder Poland has scored at least 2 goals per game in the last 4 world heats 巴雷特m82a1

Friendly reminder: prediction and analysis of Poland nearly 4 World Cup goals per game at least 2 grains of international football match: Poland vs Slovenia start time: analysis of 2016-11-15 03:45:00 hunt ball: FUN88 1.95 3.30 3.75 FUN88: first for the instant: 1.88 3.35 4 Poland? Beijing between November 15th 03:45, an international friendly to Poland and Slovenia, the object of the game is the European world team lineup for next year in March to pre match in new. ? Poland ranked seventeenth in the world, at present in the European world pre E group zhanba 4 recorded 3 wins and 1 draws, ranked first in the group, higher ranked second in the 3 of montenegro. Poland? A tournament qualifier against the Romania team in the world, does not strive in the scene with eleventh minutes, midfielder Camille gronsky scored 7 minutes before the end turn from a guest into a host, Robert Lewanduofusiji scored two of the final 3-0 in Poland. He conceded victory to make zero? Poland morale rose, especially brought great confidence to the defence. You know the first 3 games of World Cup team although unbeaten, but each failed to stay clean, a total loss of 5 balls. ? most of the players in the Poland squad from the 5 major league, the overall strength in Slovenia. But the two sides nearly 3 times in all competitions against Poland recorded 1 wins 1 flat 1 negative, including home court unbeaten, is a service team with the psychological advantage of home court. Poland? Nearly 4 World Cup goals per game at least 2 grains, the total harvest 10 goals is the European division 54 team goals among fifth teams, efficient offensive performance. But in addition to the defensive end game without conceding a goal, the previous 5 games in all competitions have failed to maintain a clean, service manager is estimated to hone the defence. Slovenia? Slovenia ranked sixty-seventh in the world, at present in the European world pre F group zhanba 4 recorded 2 wins and 2 row in the second group, and at the top of the difference between England 2. Slovenia? A match against minnows Malta alive preliminaries, the team took the initiative turn from a guest into a host, stadium. But the team’s ability to grasp the front is obviously insufficient, only 5 foot shot is kicked into the goal, the final victory over 1-0. The fact is really unable to strike? Team is the biggest drawbacks, except in the group phase the first round to face the general strength of Lithuania to tie the game at 2-2, 3 games after only 1 goals. But to make the team feel gratified is nearly 3 games without a goal, robust defense is one of the key team score. ? generally speaking in Slovenia in recent years, the strength of a declining level, 4 friendlies and in this year, Slovenia only had home court to a 1-0 victory over Macedonia, facing the other team is no way. ? Slovenia is the national team in the list of 9 players played in five leagues in Europe, while the remaining 16 players are mostly)

友谊赛提醒:波兰近4场世预赛每场进球至少2粒   国际赛足球预测分析:波兰vs斯洛文尼亚   开赛时间:2016-11-15 03:45:00   猎球者分析:   FUN88 初赔:1.95 3.30 3.75   FUN88 即时:1.88 3.35 4.00   波兰   ? 北京时间11月15日03:45分,波兰和斯洛文尼亚将进行一场国际友谊赛,比赛的目的是为来年3月份再续的欧世预小组赛磨合新的阵容组合。   ? 波兰世界排名第17位,目前在欧世预E组战罢4轮录得3胜1平,排在小组第一,高出排在第二位的黑山3分之多。   ? 波兰上一场赛事在世预赛对阵罗马尼亚,球队在场面上不落下风,凭借第11分钟中场卡米尔-格罗斯基的进球反客为主,完场前7分钟罗伯特-勒万多夫斯基梅开二度,最终波兰以3-0凯旋而归。   ? 上场零失球的大胜令波兰士气大涨,尤其是给后防带来了极大的信心。要知道前3场世预赛球队虽然未尝败绩,但却每场都未能保持清白,共失5球。   ? 波兰阵中大部分球员来自于5大联赛,整体实力在斯洛文尼亚之上。而且双方近3次各项赛事交手,波兰录得1胜1平1负,其中主场未尝败绩,是役主场出击球队具有心理优势。   ? 波兰近4场世预赛每场进球至少2粒,目前共收获10球是欧洲赛区54支球队当中进球第5多的队伍,进攻端表现高效。但防守端除了上场比赛没有失球外,此前5场各项赛事均未能保持清白,估计是役主帅会以磨练后防线为主。   斯洛文尼亚   ? 斯洛文尼亚世界排名第67位,目前在欧世预F组战罢4轮录得2胜2平,排在小组第2位,与排在首位的英格兰相差2分。   ? 斯洛文尼亚上一场赛事在世预赛对阵鱼腩球队马耳他,球队反客为主,占据了球场的主动权。但是球队的门前把握能力明显不足,5脚射正仅有一脚转化为进球,最终小胜对手1-0。   ? 事实上锋线无力确实是球队目前最大的弊端,除了在小组赛第一轮面对实力一般的立陶宛以2-2战成平手,之后的3场比赛只有1粒进球。不过令球队感到欣慰的是近3场比赛一球未是,稳健的防线是球队得分的关键之一。   ? 总括来讲斯洛文尼亚近年来实力呈下滑水平,而在今年所进行的4场友谊赛上,斯洛文尼亚仅仅主场以1-0小胜过马其顿,面对其他球队却是毫无办法。   ? 斯洛文尼亚目前国家队大名单中有9名球员效力于欧洲五大联赛当中,而其余16名球员则是大多数来自于国内联赛和其他欧洲赛区。   猎球者数据:   波兰   ? 波兰近3场各项赛事均大获全胜。   ? 波兰近10场各项赛事均保持不败。   ? 波兰近10场各项赛事主场,其中8场均胜出。   ? 波兰近2场国际友谊赛均未尝一胜。   斯洛文尼亚   ? 斯洛文尼亚近9场国际友谊赛,其中7场均告负。   ? 斯洛文尼亚近9场国际友谊赛只有2粒进球,其中7场颗粒无收。   ? 斯洛文尼亚近4场各项赛事均未尝败绩。   (编辑:猎球者)相关的主题文章: