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The highest age of applicants for mortgage can be extended to 70 years old some banks in Harb jcuv是什么车

The maximum age of mortgage applicants can be extended to 70 years   Harbin part of the bank’s first mortgage Shoufu lowest 20%– Heilongjiang channel — people.com.cn with market "golden nine silver ten" the arrival of city banks continue to increase the proportion of individual housing loans preferential. Some banks cut personal mortgage interest rates at the same time, but also to relax loan applicants age and secondary housing age, the highest age by the applicant before the mortgage 65 years extended to 70 years. Starting from next month, the bank will ease the number of years of loans, interest rates and down payment. Among them, 30 years up to a maximum loan period, the borrower can be extended to a maximum age of 70 years old; the first suite of the first payment of the minimum of only 20%, the lowest two suites only 30%. At the same time, second-hand housing loan age + loan period of 40 years from the previous relaxed to 50 years. The first suite of interest rates in Harbin Urban Construction Bank carried out 15% off of the benchmark interest rate, and 10 percent off of the benchmark interest rate of the first suite of interest rates in other regions of the province. The person in charge of the loan of 500 thousand yuan for 30 years, for example, if the interest rate is 15% off preferential, compared with the implementation of the benchmark interest rate of 7.8 yuan interest. Reporters learned in the interview, banks implement mortgage policy is different, early repayment and material acceptance and other aspects are not the same. At present, in the construction of personal housing loans to the public may be at any time in advance or part of the early repayment, no fees and liquidated damages. The real estate industry said that the current real estate market in Harbin is still to go to stock based, the bank introduced a variety of preferential policies will not make the property market first-tier cities and some second tier city prices fluctuate situation. (Liu Shubo) (commissioning editor Zou Hui and Ding Yang) 房贷申请人年龄最高可延至70岁 哈尔滨部分银行首套房贷首付比例最低20%–黑龙江频道–人民网   伴随着楼市“金九银十”的到来,冰城各家银行不断加大个人住房贷款比例优惠力度。一些银行全面下调个人房贷利率的同时,还放宽贷款申请人年龄和二手房房龄,其中房贷申请人年龄最高由之前的65岁延长至70岁。   据建行住房金融业务部负责人介绍,下月起该行将放宽贷款年限、利率和首付额。其中,贷款年限最长可达30年,借款人年龄最高可延至70周岁;首套房首付款比例最低仅需20%,二套房最低只需30%。同时,二手房贷款房龄+贷款年限由之前的40年放宽至50年。建行哈尔滨城区首套房利率全部执行基准利率的8.5折;省内其他地区首套房利率执行基准利率的9折。该负责人以50万元贷款30年为例,若利率按8.5折优惠,则比实行基准利率时节省7.8万余元利息。   记者在采访中了解到,各家银行执行房贷政策不同,提前还贷和材料受理等方面也不相同。目前,在建行办理个人住房贷款的市民可随时全额或部分提前还款,不收手续费和违约金。   房地产业内人士表示,当前哈尔滨市房地产市场仍以去库存为主,银行出台多种优惠政策并不会使楼市出现一线城市和部分二线城市房价疯涨的局面。(刘述波) (责编:邹慧、丁洋)相关的主题文章: