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2016 Tencent Global Partner Conference to start the registration of the top ten business will debut-creditcard.ccb.com

2016 Tencent Global Partner Conference to start the registration of the top ten business will be unveiled – China Network on Saturday (August 27th), the Tencent’s Global Partner Conference officially launched the registration of 2016. It is reported that this conference will be held in Fuzhou on September 22nd, Tencent ten business lines gathered in a public record, applications, games, cloud computing, finance, marketing, VR, WeChat, QQ, location services and other Tencent star products in the future will be. At the same time, Congress also conducted special exhibition design, will fully show the new direction of science and technology, Internet plus the era of the high-profile VR exhibition will not only display the latest VR technology, it will be in the game, education, and other live panoramic applications in many fields into the user experience, bring out of the ordinary in the future the sense of science and technology. This year is also the implementation of the second Tencent open strategy for the past five years, in the past five years, Tencent open strategy fruitful, how the future trend of concern.         map: 2016 Tencent worldwide partner conference agenda as one vane once a year of the Internet industry, Tencent’s global partner conference is known for its insight and dry cargo Internet industry, every year attracts tens of thousands of entrepreneurs, industry elites and opinion leaders to interact. This year, the scale of the scale of the upgrade again, in the open sharing Theme under the invitation of hundreds of Chinese and foreign guests, involving cutting-edge technology, venture capital tuyere, share the economy and other fields. From the technology to the ecological strategy to the development process of Tencent, a comprehensive display of the latest and future to discuss "with the global elite evolution pattern of modern commercial Internet plus" and shared economic mode. Under the open five years sword where? This year is the sixth year of Tencent’s global partner conference. What did the Tencent do for five years? May wish to take a look at a set of data: the company’s overall valuation of more than 300 billion partners to support start-up companies more than 4 million, pulling the economic growth of 50 billion, creating employment of 11 million people… This is the most intuitive achievements of the Tencent to create an open policy, but behind it is hidden a long track of cultivation. From a company can make money lying to the issue of "half life partner to complete the internal unity of the declaration, after Tencent started from QQ to fully open the multi terminal pace during the diagnosis of" Tencent "activities to the vigorous development of Tencent update, Ma Huateng’s" eight program "for the Tencent to continue open style and 2014 Partner Conference, Tencent announced on the open platform of venture company’s total valuation has exceeded 200 billion yuan, equivalent to recycling a Tencent, and then set up the public record, released the" double hundred "and green vine training camp, creation of a one-stop service platform, opening to the outside world more Tencent a more open… Tencent as the opening of the next five years of the year, the next step in how to open the road to become the industry’s most concerned about the issue of Tencent, which has become the largest one of the partners of the suspense. It is reported that the Tencent Global Partner Conference will be the first to open up the ecological, and open ecological.相关的主题文章: