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20 ministries to open the third batch of PPP ultra trillion investment is strictly prohibited projec-msvbvm60.dll

20 ministries to open the third batch of PPP super trillion investment projects and prohibited land tied first 20 ministries jointly push out the hand of government and social capital cooperation (PPP) project, open super trillion yuan investment market. In October 13th, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of science and technology, Ministry of industry, Ministry of environmental protection, Ministry of Commerce and other 20 ministries issued "on the jointly announced the third batch of government and social capital cooperation demonstration projects to accelerate the construction of demonstration project" of the notice (hereinafter referred to as the "notice"). According to the notice, to determine the Beijing capital region link highway (Tongzhou Daxing section) and other 516 projects as the third installment of the PPP demonstration project, the total investment amount of $11708. The number of the third batch of PPP demonstration projects announced, but also more than doubled the total number of the first two batches. It is worth noting that, in recent years, the PPP project in the landing process, the "land management law" and other laws of the management of land use rights must be through the auction for the requirements of the impact of land resources has been packaged in the controversy, in this regard, the "notice" clear requirements, in the implementation of construction land supply, not directly to the PPP project as a unit to pack or plots of land supply. The general manager of China Investment Advisory limited liability company industry and investment advisory division Yang Ning told the "daily economic news" reporter, the implementation of the project, the local government has produced a "PPP project will be bundled with land" idea, from the "notice", the relevant departments have been found in time and focus on the a trend. 516 projects and investment of 11708 million are far ahead of the two batch of the "notice" pointed out that the relevant provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the central government, ministries and municipalities and recommend experts, is to determine the capital region of Beijing City Ring Expressway (Tongzhou Daxing section) 516 items such as the third batch of PPP demonstration project, plans a total the amount of investment of 11708 yuan. From the beginning of 2014, China PPP to promote comprehensive reform, the Ministry of Finance in 2014 first established 30 PPP demonstration project, the amount of 180 billion yuan; 2015 announced the second batch of PPP demonstration projects reached 206, the total investment amounted to 658 billion 900 million yuan, the number and the announcement of the third batch of PPP demonstration project is more than twice the former the two batch of the total. Compared to the first two batches, this batch of PPP demonstration projects in terms of the number of projects, the total size of the investment, the scope of the provinces involved in the field of coverage or have a huge breakthrough. In this regard, Jin Yongxiang, general manager of Beijing Yue Consulting Co., Ltd., in an interview with the daily economic news reporter, said: it is clear that its role has exceeded the model itself. In addition, in addition to demonstration significance, as well as the role of steady growth and regulate the PPP market". Jin Yongxiang explained that the launch of the PPP demonstration project over a trillion yuan, and in the launch of the demonstration project, the incremental project occupies an absolute majority of the weight, the effect of steady growth is worth looking forward to. In October this year, Chinese deputy finance minister Shi Yaobin in the "PPP reform in Chinese" international seminar pointed out that at the end of August 2016, the Ministry of finance of the PPP integrated information platform project library has been included.相关的主题文章: