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2 girls killed rented 3 suspects arrested after 10 years plants war

2 girls killed rented 3 suspects arrested 10 years after the original title: 10 years after the three suspects arrested in January 2006, with a vicious murder in Yanta District of Xi’an small village houses, two young girls were brutally murdered in a rented house, only when the police at the scene found pieces of incomplete fingerprint. By repeatedly comparing the several Yanta police fingerprint, found that a drug addicts have a major suspect and pull another two suspects, three people were arrested after 10 years to escape the robbery and murder. Drug man and the scene of incomplete fingerprint fingerprint extraction similar to January 8, 2006, Xi’an Yanta police received a report that the murder the small village of a rental, two young women were brutally killed. According to police reports, two of the dead were a few knives in the body, the scene has been cleaned traces, almost no valid evidence, the police only in the scene to extract a few incomplete fingerprints. According to the landlord of the rental housing, when the tenant did not show up for a long time, she went to the room to view, it was found in the room of two bodies. Over the years, the police have not been concerned about the case to relax, many times to compare the relevant fingerprints. In August this year, the police found in the case of fingerprints, Tongchuan membership of Xue Mouping’s fingerprints and fingerprints extracted at the scene of the crime is very similar. Then, in the case of the Council, the branch leadership under the supervision of ad hoc group. September 2nd at 5 pm, police in Tongchuan arrested the Xue Mouping on December 18, 2005, Xue Mouping confessed to the crime of robbery and murder. According to the clues provided by Xue Mouping, in September 4th this year, the police have 5 days in Tongchuan City, Yulin Shenmu will suspect Jiang Mouwei, Jiang Moulei captured. Using a fake ID to rent according to the three suspects confessed premeditated attack, Jiang mouwei, Jiang Moulei are cousins, they are related to Xue Mouping. By the end of 2005, three people for money to negotiate to get some money. After the discussion, Jiang Moulei using a fake ID in the small village rented a house, three people are dedicated to the purchase of houses some life appliance, posing as long-term rental housing life in the illusion. Subsequently, Jiang mouwei proposed before work understanding two female colleagues, three people decided to start the two girls. December 18, 2005, three people in the way of waiting for the girl to wait, after a few people to meet the name of the three people in the name of the victim will be deceived to the rental of the implementation of the robbery and murder, fled the scene after the incident. Jiang Moulei said the two girl cheated to rental robbery, for fear of the girl know Jiang Mouwei alarm, the three decided to kill the girl under two. They first quilt will cover the two dead, and then made up a few knives. After the incident, three people in order to destroy evidence, specifically to the rental house cigarette butts and garbage cleaning, then escape. Police said the three suspects were from two victims to get several bank cards, they left the scene from the landlord stole a fake ID copy, so almost did not give the police left what effective clues. Then the suspect removed more than 1000 yuan in cash from the victim card. Avoid the police to trace the past 6相关的主题文章: