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2 drunks locked the wheels of the police car and scolded the police what are you www.yngbzx.cn

2 drunken police locked wheel scold police: what are you drunk by the original title: police lock Xunyi two men detained Chinese daily news (reporter Ma Xinbin) the police to the house of normal official duties, Xunyi two men Jiujin police car stuck in their own doorstep, chained car wheels, and mengchuai the police car, police abuse. Finally, two people were detained impede their duties. "My niece was kidnapped."." On the evening of February 4th, the local police station of Xunyi County Public Security Bureau received a report from the villagers of Wang Village, said: "the nephew of a woman in his home missing, may be kidnapped.". The alarm rushed to the Wang family, the police found Wang house room two windows were smashed, the nephew of a woman’s shoes scattered on the ground, people seem to be forcibly taken away. After asking that the party is a divorce with her husband Wu, the police immediately rushed to the police car driving the Wu family, and find a party. According to a party that he was forced from the Wu uncle home, uncle of the window glass is Wu Wang smashed the companion. At 8 pm, the police finished record to leave, Wu and Wang et al drunk to go home, see the police shouted: "what are you doing, come to my house? I am a legal representative, a legitimate taxpayer, I am not afraid of your police, you have the right to control me and my wife’s affairs?" For Wu vexatious, the police have to persuade, but Wu didn’t bother, but more anger: "you put the car in front of my house, caused a bad influence on me, I can’t just let you go." Voice did not fall, Wu and Wang bamboo ladder, television signal pot, wooden pier and other debris to the police car tightly blocked, and the chain will lock the wheel to the police, do not let the police leave. In the meantime, two people also fiercely kicked the police car, and climbed up the hood of the police car, constantly insulting police. In the end, persuaded to no avail, alarming police will report to Xunyi County Public Security Bureau, request support. Night 11 pm, Xunyi County Public Security Bureau police brigade police rushed to the Wu family, according to Wu and Wang two people summoned to Xunyi County Public Security Bureau for questioning, the final two of his drunken malicious obstruct police duties according to law violations confessed. At present, due to the obstruction of executive duties, Wu and Wang were detained by the police in accordance with the law. Editor in chief: SN184

2名醉汉锁住警车车轮骂警察:你们是什么东西   原标题:酒后堵住警车锁车轮 旬邑两男子被拘   华商报讯(记者 马新斌)民警到家里正常执行公务,旬邑两名男子却借着酒劲将警车堵在自家门口,用铁链锁住警车车轮,并猛踹警车、辱骂民警。最终,两人因阻碍执行职务被拘。   “我外甥女被人绑架了。”2月4日晚,旬邑县公安局土桥派出所接到土桥镇村民王某报案称:其外甥女方某在其家中失踪,可能被人绑架。接警赶到王某家后,民警发现王某家门房两块窗玻璃被砸碎,其外甥女方某的一双鞋散落在地,似乎被人强行带走。   后经询问得知,方某正在与丈夫吴某闹离婚,民警立即驾驶警车赶到吴某家中,并找到了方某。据方某称,自己是被吴某强行从舅舅家拉回家中,舅舅家的窗玻璃是被吴某的同伴王某砸毁的。   晚上8时许,民警作完笔录准备离开时,吴某和王某等人醉醺醺地回家,一见民警就破口大骂:“你们是什么东西,跑到我家来干啥?我是法人代表,是合法纳税人,我不怕你们警察,你们有什么权力管我和我媳妇的事情?”   对于吴某的无理取闹,民警一直好言相劝,但吴某压根就不理会,火气反而更大:“你们把警车开在了我的家门口,对我造成了不好的影响,我不能就这样放你们走了。”话音未落,吴某便和王某用竹梯、电视信号锅、木墩等杂物把警车死死堵住,并用铁链将警车的车轮锁住,不让警车离开。期间,两人还猛踹警车,并爬上警车引擎盖不断地辱骂民警。最后,在劝说无果的情况下,处警民警将情况汇报给旬邑县公安局,请求支援。   当晚11时许,旬邑县公安局刑警大队民警赶到吴某家,依法将吴某和王某两人传唤至旬邑县公安局进行讯问,两人最终对自己酒后恶意阻碍民警依法执行职务的违法行为供认不讳。   目前,因阻碍执行职务,吴某和王某被警方依法行政拘留。 责任编辑:茅敏敏 SN184相关的主题文章: