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17 strong push to buy 6 shares extremely undervalued-agogoktv

The 17 day mechanism extremely strong push to buy 6 shares undervalued ringpu biological pet industry to accelerate the integration of investment advice:: 2016-2018 the company expects net profit attributable to the parent company of 220 million, 330 million, 520 million, an increase of about 96%, 55%, 56%, 0.75, 1.12 yuan, corresponding to EPS0.53. In the context of the background of the reversal of the market, the operating inflection point has now, while the company is the subject of the scarcity of pet industry, giving buy -A rating, 6 months target price of $27. Shun securities Kouzijiao: the valuation of the company in the depression on earnings and Valuation: 16Q2 company performance slowdown is expected in the three quarter, we will be better. Throughout the year, taking into account the company continued to enjoy in the upgrading of consumption, we expect the company 20162017 years EPS were 1.4 1.73 yuan, corresponding to 20162017 PE for 2218 times, the current valuation of the company level is in a low level of the industry, in the second tier liquor companies only higher than the Yanghe River, taking into account the four quarter valuation switching, the valuation of the company to further reduce. Due to the reduction of Goldman Sachs, the company valuation in the depression, the current Goldman Sachs holdings gradually end, we expect the company’s valuation level will gradually rise to a reasonable level, given a buy rating. Changjiang Securities Su cross section: build PPP consulting and design leader earnings forecasts and investment rating: considering acquisitions and prudent performance thickening, without considering the impact of additional factors, our Forecast Ltd 2016-2018 EPS were 0.71 yuan (up), 0.92 yuan (up), 1.28 yuan (up), corresponding the current price earnings ratio valuation were 34.18, 26.34, 18.86 times. If we consider the share price of the new shares diluted after the completion of the issuance of 2016-2018 EPS were 0.71 yuan, 0.85 yuan, 1.18 yuan, corresponding to the current stock price earnings ratio were 34.18, 28.50, 20.41 times, to maintain a "buy" rating. Sealand Securities shares: the performance of the company promising future development of beautiful. Mainly based on: 1, the company closely "company + family farm" mode can be copied in different areas and varieties, the company as the industry leader in the capital, breeding and supporting technology, management and other aspects of the obvious advantages, long-term bullish on the company in the process of scale in the industry scale and market share is expected to enhance the capacity of the whole 16,17 years of slaughter pigs was 17 million and 20 million 500 thousand, broiler slaughter weight of 790 million and 860 million feather feather. 2, the company ahead of the field; the layout of environmental protection to build the core competitiveness of the new company, this round of pig farms in the demolition activities because of environmental non-compliance rarely affected, with environmental policy tightening, corporate environmental advantages will become increasingly prominent; 4, the company continued to expand the pig and poultry on the basis of the main industry, and actively explore the downstream slaughter distribution business, present fresh stores operating in good condition, the future for the company or a new profit growth point. Optimistic about the long-term prosperity of the industry as well as the size of the company’s expansion of farming. 16-17 is expected to increase by EPS diluted into 3.22 yuan and other sources of $3.36相关的主题文章: