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110 mobile phone alarm platform Ming enabled directly upload pictures or video information – Beijing channel — people.com.cn original title: 110 mobile phone alarm platform under the jurisdiction of the public security organs that enable only reason Beijing’s criminal and security cases and criminal clues four characteristics of complementary supplement 110 phone alarm alarm alarm channel, can demand the convenience of the masses use the telephone in not directly when the call. The visual alarm when the masses can directly upload pictures or video information, more conducive to the police to determine the site conditions, strengthen preparedness, improve police efficiency. The service 110 network (mobile phone) alarm platform has integrated modules like "nearby police stations" and "common problems" to facilitate people to query, and rely on Internet technology. The real name system can better protect the legitimate rights and interests of the subject, and also be conducive to the rapid investigation and investigation of illegal acts such as disturbance and false alarm. Alarm process 1 download APP, click "I want to call the alarm" into the alarm page. An effective contact phone and ID number need to be prepared before the alarm. 2 after the success of registration, enter the alarm interface, pop "alarm notice", click "continue", enter the alarm home page, you can call the alarm. 3, in the "I want to alarm" interface, there are information describing, uploading pictures, shooting videos, choosing the time and location of the incident, etc., and selecting "immediate alarm" to complete the alarm. In case of urgent problems, you can also inquire information about the nearby police station. Beijing Morning Post (reporter Zhang Jingya) yesterday, the Beijing Morning Post reporter learned from the Beijing Public Security Bureau’s duty command department, the police built 110 Internet (mobile phone) alarm platform, and will be on-line trial operation on October 1st, to accept the public alarm. It is reported that the alarm APP can be convenient for the people to call the alarm when the call is not suitable for the use of the telephone. When the alarm is sent to the police, the pictures or video information can be uploaded directly. Reporters learned from the police that 110 of the police officers in the mobile phone alarm platform for real-time alarm, real-time interactive reception, online answers, etc., and according to the police intelligence and police command and dispatch system real-time docking, and quickly handle the police situation. 110 mobile phone alarm platform opened the first 4 functional modules, "I want to alarm", "nearby police station", "common problems", "personal center". There are two ways to alarm in the "Beijing 110" mobile alarm platform. The first is to call the Beijing 110 "APP" as the alarm, and the second one is the embedded "360 110" module of the 360 mobile guards, which is used as the alarm for the alarm end. At present, the mobile phone of the Android system can download 110 mobile phone alarm platform, and the client of the iOS system is still in development. – 1. important in case of emergency, please dial 110. The 2. only accepted the criminal and public security cases and criminal offenses in the Beijing area, which were under the jurisdiction of the public security organs of the Beijing city. 3., please leave a valid contact phone, ID card number, address and other contact ways so as to contact you in time. Meanwhile, please cooperate with the public security organs. 4. please fill in the alarm content in detail according to the requirements. The legal responsibility will be investigated in accordance with the law for the persons who have deliberately lied to the police and disrupted the serious circumstances of the normal office order of the public security organs. 5. the personal information of the citizen and the situation provided by the citizen, the public security organ will be strictly confidential. (commissioning editor Chen Yinuo and Gao Xing) 110手机报警平台明启用 可直接上传图片或视频信息–北京频道–人民网 原标题:110手机报警平台明启用   只受理由北京市公安机关管辖的刑事、治安案件和违法犯罪线索   四大特点   补充性   作为110电话报警的补充报警渠道,可以方便群众在不宜使用电话直接通话时的报警需求。   可视性   群众报警时可以直接上传图片或视频信息,更有利于警方判断现场状况,加强应对准备,提高处警效率。   服务性   110网络(手机)报警平台已集成“附近派出所”、“常见问题”等模块,方便群众查询;同时,依托互联网技术。   实名制   可以更好地保护事主合法权益,同时也有利于对滋扰、谎报警情等不法行为的快速查处。   报警流程   1 下载APP,点击“我要报警”进入报警页面。报警前需要备好有效联系电话和身份证号码。   2 在注册成功后进入报警界面,弹出“报警须知”,点击“继续”,进入报警主页面,就可以报警了。   3 在“我要报警”界面中有警情描述、上传图片、拍摄视频、选择案发时间、位置等信息,选择“立即报警”完成报警。遇到紧急问题还可查询附近派出所信息。   北京晨报讯(记者 张静雅)昨天,北京晨报记者从北京市公安局勤务指挥部获悉,警方建设110互联网(手机)报警平台,并将于10月1日上线试运行,接受群众报警。据悉,报警APP可以方便群众在不宜使用电话直接通话时的报警需求,报警时可以直接上传图片或视频信息。   记者从警方了解到,110接警员在手机报警平台对报警求助实时交互式受理、在线解答等,并依据警情与公安指挥调度系统实时对接,快速流转处置警情。   110手机报警平台首期开通4个功能模块,“我要报警”、“附近派出所”、“常见问题”、“个人中心”。在“北京110”手机报警平台有两种报警方式,第一种是将“北京110”APP作为报警端报警,第二种是嵌入“360手机卫士”的“北京110”模块作为报警端报警。   据介绍,目前安卓系统的手机已可以下载110手机报警平台,iOS系统的客户端还在开发中。   ■重要提示   1.遇有紧急情况,请您直接拨打110报警。   2.只受理北京地区发生的由北京市公安机关管辖的刑事、治安案件和违法犯罪线索。   3.请留下有效联系电话,身份证号码、住址等联系方式,以便及时与您联系,同时请您积极配合公安机关开展工作。   4.请按照要求如实详细填写报警内容。对故意谎报警情、扰乱公安机关正常办公秩序情节严重者,将依法追究法律责任。   5.公民的个人信息及公民所提供的情况,公安机关将严格保密。 (责编:陈一诺、高星)相关的主题文章: