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Email-Marketing Buying email lists is probably the most common method marketers think of when building their subscriber list. However, there are a lot of loops you have to go through to make sure the list you buy complies with the CAN-SPAM Act. Marketers cannot ignore that there are certain ramifications if they do not comply with the CAN-SPAM Act. In my opinion, and probably many others, it is most likely not the right route to go in growing your list of email subscribers. Here are ten tips that can help you acquire or grow your list of email subscribers without buying a list: 1. Offer Incentives Offering incentives to people is probably the quickest way to get people to subscribe to your newsletter. But, most of you are most likely thinking, If I give them an incentive to sign up Will they opt-out after receiving their incentive. There is a likelihood that they will opt-out. But you have to keep the incentives ongoing. Just dont stop at offering the incentive at signup, keep offering periodic or exclusive offers so they do not opt out. This in return, can also help you increase the open rate of your emails. 2. Print Collateral Just like you should have your website address listed on all promotional and print collateral, adding a simple line that reads Go to our website to sign up for our Email Newsletter or Join our VIP Insider Club at www to all Direct Mail, Catalogs, or other promotional collateral can definitely help build your email list. 3. Unique Value Proposition I can come up with a long list of websites that just have simple email subscribe box and do not tell the potential subscriber what value their newsletter will provide. Nobody wants just another newsletter in their inbox. Adding a subscribe form without explaining to potential subscribers the value of subscribing to your newsletter may not be sufficient for the opt-in. You should explain to users why they should subscribe to your e-newsletter. What benefit will they get? What is the one unique value proposition you provide that will want potential subscribers to open your email and read your newsletter? 4. Email Signatures Many companies nowadays have standard email signatures for all their employees. Add to your companys standard email signature a link to opt-in to your email newsletter. 5. Co-Registration Simply put, co-registration takes place when two websites partner to build their respective email lists. Most likely, it would be two websites that offer complementary products or services. You will want to work with someone who targets the same customers as you, but does not directly compete with you. So, when a visitor registers for your newsletter, you can offer them a chance to sign up for newsletters of the other party. 6. Offline Opportunities Dont overlook offline opportunities to ask for email signups. Gather email addresses at every possible interaction. There are many possibilities out there that can include: asking for email signup when taking phone orders or customer service calls, at trade shows or events, and even including inserts in product shipments with information on how to sign up. 7. Word-of-Mouth Word of mouth is a powerful viral strategy that works great with email marketing. If your subscribers find your newsletters valuable, they will probably share it with their friends. At the same time, this can be a great source of customer acquisition, so make sure to remind them to pass it along. 8. Publish a Privacy Policy People value their privacy. Ensure your potential subscribers that you will not share their email address or other information with others. If you already dont have a privacy policy, set one up and provide the link to it right underneath your opt-in form. 9. Leverage Pay-Per-Click Advertising Making sure an email opt-in form or email sign up graphic is visible on all of your PPC landing pages is a great way to not only help you acquire an email subscriber but also help boost your conversion rates and ROI. Visitors that come to your site through PPC ads, probably will reach your site via this method only once. If they do not buy your product or services on their first visit, there is a possibility that they will sign up for your newsletter and see a special offer of interest and make a purchase down the road. 10. Distribute Press Releases Newsletters with special promotions or exclusive offers may warrant a press release. Make sure the press release that you send out has links to your email opt-in landing page. Regardless of the combination of techniques that you use, remember to get the individuals permission before you send e-mails. Starting with spammy practices can only lead to trouble down the line. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: