ARM2015 profit increased 31% but 2016 deposit risk

ARM2015 profit increased 31% but 2016 deposit risk
Chip designer ARM once again released annual results, profit growth of up to 31%, reaching $414 million 800 thousand, revenue reached $968 million, up 22%.
This year, the company sold 14 billion 800 million chips based on ARM architecture, an increase of 16% compared to 2014.
But the company warned that the 2016 economic uncertainty increased, this may affect consumer and business spending, it may affect the semiconductor industry income and confidence.”
TechMarketView analyst Richard Holway said that although the ARM performance increase, but the company’s share price is still expected to slow down the impact of Apple Corp iPhone sales.
He said: “the ARM is expected to be the intelligent mobile phone write a great deal about the slowdown in sales. At present, 45% of the company’s sales now come from the mobile phone market.”
In view of the company’s stock price depends heavily on a “fruit” the fate of the company, currently the company is keen to expand non intelligent mobile phone business license. 51 a new license agreement signed in the fourth quarter, 25 is used for connecting other devices, such as medical devices and smart sensors etc..
ARM CEO Simon Segars said: “the demand of our growth in the fourth quarter, we signed a licensing agreement with high performance and safety of the ARM processor more than the next generation.”
ARM rival Imagination Technologies warned earlier this week, said the company this year may be annual loss. Last week, the company’s chief executive officer stepped down in the eighteen years of the term. In December the company reported a pre tax loss of $22 million 600 thousand in the first half of last year, this figure is 10 million 700 thousand pounds, while the income from 82 million 200 thousand pounds down to 71 million 100 thousand pounds.